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1. Fundamentals
  • Email finder

  • LinkedIn Extension

  • CRMs

  • Data Enrichment

  • Intent Signals

  • Email verification

  • Catch-all verification

  • E-Meeting

  • E-Signature

  • Sales Coaching

  • Postal Mail Outreach

  • Warm Intro

  • Webinars

  • Sales Assistant

  • Email sender

  • LinkedIn Automation

  • Prospecting Database

  • Video Outreach

  • Visitor Identification

  • Technology Lookup

  • Prospect Insights

  • AI Meeting Notes

  • Reddit Automation

  • Data Attribution

  • Account Research

  • Buyer Engagement

  • Multichannel Outreach

  • Deliverability Infrastructure

  • LinkedIn Scraping

  • AI Copywriting

  • Workflow Visualization

  • Workflow Automation

  • Phone number finder

  • Sales Reporting

  • Proposals

  • AI Customer Service

  • Phone Dialers

  • Prospect Gifting

  • Demo

  • Social Listening

  • Find Physical Addresses

  • Social Selling

  • Inbox Management


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build the ultimate sales prospecting tool stack

How to pick sales prospecting tools?


There are countless sales software to choose from. If you're trying to define what your tool stack should look like - it is essential to understand what you are trying to accomplish.

Many tools look enticing and seem to be good solutions to boost your sales results but might prove unnecessary pretty quickly.

The easiest way to decide which solutions to go for is to map your sales & prospecting processes - and focus on the areas that require the most improvements.

In any efficient prospecting system the following is required:

1. A process that lets you source potential clients precisely.
2. A platform on which to reach out to these prospects.
3. A way to ensure prospects notice your messages.
4. An efficient message that highlights your value proposition.
5. Lead management practices to not let deals fall through.
6. Automations that save time for your sales reps.

As you might have guessed - at all these stages, there are sales software that will make your life easier. We'll dive deeper into how to use software to enhance your performance at each of these stages. Beforehand, let's talk about your current stack.

Take a look at your current stack

You might be able to save thousands of $/€ by replacing some of your tools with other ones. A good example (thay we'll cover) later one, is with sales engagement tools. Most make you pay per profile (e.g: Salesloft, Outreach, Lemlist), which means that the bill becomes huge pretty quickly. Some other tools, such as Smartlead, have different pricing model, that can be way more advatangeous as you scale.

Here's my advice to you:
-> Look at each of your software.
-> Start with the ones that are more "nice-to-have" than "must-have". --> Check which sales tool category they belong to.
-> Compare pricing plans with other tools laid out above on the page.

Example for alternatives

Here are typical alternatives that help businesses save money on their sales stack every month:

Email Finder: Most tools charge per email found and provides a limited amount of credits. Apollo has very generous pricing - that lets you find 10,000 email addresses per month on their $99/mo plan.

Sales Engagement: Most tools have a pay-per-profile plan. This means that, if you were to take a subscription to Lemlist, for example, you would pay $59-$99/mo per profile.

If you have 10 sales reps on your team, that would mean min. $590/mo.
In comparison, Smartlead or Instantly charge based on total sending volume and lets you use an unlimited number of profiles. You would be paying $94-97/mo instead of $590/mo. Big difference, right?

Data Extraction: Instant Data Scraper (IDS) is completely free and can be used for (almost) all your data extraction needs. Make some savings on scraping software right away. To scrape big platforms [e.g: LinkedIn], I still recommend using a dedicated software such as Phantombuster.

Workflow Automation: Both n8n and Make are designed to let you scale to a high number of automated workflows. You can divide your Zapier's bill by 2 depending on how many automations are set up for your business.

How to find prospects with sales tools?

Save time with contact sourcing software

The most crucial part of sales prospecting is to source, filter and segment an audience. This means, finding the contact information of your prospects, to reach them on the platform of your choice.

There are several platforms on which you can reach out to your prospects: emails, social media, phone... and so on. Whatever the platform you pick, contact sourcing software will allow you to scale your list building efforts.

You'll find below contact sourcing tools for any needs: finding emails, finding phone numbers and/or finding social profiles.

best software to find prospects

Apollo is the most efficient software to build highly targeted list of prospects.

Plans start at $39/mo

Get 14-Day Free Trial

Phantombuster is the go-to software to extract data from social networks.

Plans start at $59/mo

Get 14-Day Free Trial

Findymail finds verified contact data and scrapes Sales Navigator & Apollo

Plans start at $49/mo

Get 10 Email Credits

Uplead provides verified phone numbers and email addresses.

Plans start at $74/mo

Get 5 Credits

Sales Navigator lets you find prospects on LinkedIn's platform.

Plans start at $39/mo

Get 30-Day Free Trial

Instant Data Scraper detects what data to extract with AI.

IDS is free.

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Clay finds data from 50+ sources and leverages GPT-3 to personalize emails.

Plans start at $349/mo

Get 14-Day Free Trial

Leadfeeder identifies the companies that visit your websites.

Plans start at $139/mo

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BuiltWith detects the technologies installed on websites.

Plans start at $295/mo

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1. Apollo: The most user-friendly platform to source contacts is a Sales Intelligence and Sales Engagement platform. It contains a database with millions of verified contacts and companies, which can be searched and filtered based on various criteria such as industry, job title, location, and company size.

It lets you find email addresses & phone numbers. On top of its contact sourcing features - Apollo has data enrichment functionalities in case you're missing information to leverage your data properly.

Pricing: Apollo's free plan lets you find 50 email addresses per month. Its lowest paid plan starts at $49/mo.

Ratings: Apollo is rated 4.8/5 on G2 (4139 reviews)

2. Phantombuster: Extract data from big platforms

Phantombuster is a web automation tool extracting data from websites and online platforms. It offers pre-built automation scripts and API connectors to make data gathering more efficient and saves time and resources by eliminating the need for manual scraping or programming skills.

It is particularly helpful to extract data from LinkedIn and build contact lists on the platform.

Pricing: Phantombuster offers three pricing plans ($59/mo, $199/mo, and $399/mo)

Ratings: Phantombuster is rated 4.3/5 on G2 (30 reviews)

3. Findymail: Find Email addresses that won't bounce

Findymail is an email finding software that helps users find and verify email addresses. In addition to its email finding capabilities, Findymail lets you scrape large B2B databases such as Apollo and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Pricing: Findymail starts at $49/mo for 1000 verified email addresses.

4. Uplead: Find phone numbers & email addresses

Uplead is a Sales Intelligence and Data Enrichment platform that generates contact data, enriches existing data, and finds accounts with buying intent. It guarantees a 95% accuracy rate on its data and is useful for improving sales strategies, customer targeting, and data analysis accuracy.

Uplead lets you find email addresses and phone numbers.

Pricing: Uplead starts at $99/mo for 170 credits.

Ratings: Uplead is rated 4.7/5 on G2 (609 reviews)

5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator: The largest B2B contact database

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the largest B2B database on earth. Most platforms rely on LinkedIn to generate their data. It usually has the most updated data since it is used by job seekers and companies to generate opportunities.

As such, the displayed information is updated by people & companies themselves. The platform has many filtering options, both at the account and personal levels. By observing signals taken by people and companies, it is possible to create high-intent lists of leads interested in purchasing products and services.

Pricing: Plans start at $39/mo. If you wish to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator features, it will cost you $69/mo or more.

Ratings: LinkedIn Sales Navigator is rated 4.3/5 on G2 (1645 rev