Email Cleaning

Clean your email list with EmailListVerify

Cleaning up your email address database is an essential task to maintain your domain's reputation. There are several solutions, among them, EmailListVerify.

The importance of email verification

EmailListVerify is a tool that checks the validity of a list of email addresses of your choice, which can be very important to maintain the reputation of your domain. If you send a lot of messages to invalid email addresses, i.e. email addresses that "bounce", your domain will be negatively impacted. In the long run, it will deteriorate your deliverability and most of your emails will fall into the junk folder of your recipients.

Interface d'EmailListVerify

Upload your file to EmailListVerify:

Once your file is uploaded, you just have to click on "Start Processing" and wait about ten minutes for the software to process your file.

When the processing is completed, you can download the list of cleaned emails. EmailListVerify offers several options; you can decide to export the "clean" emails only but also to export all types of emails (it will be specified in your file which emails are clean and which are not).

Want to generate leads for your business? Reach out.

You now have a list of cleaned emails. It's time to contact them. For that, you have several options:

  • send them emails manually via your mailbox (we do not recommend)
  • create an email sequence including automatic follow-ups using a tool such as Woodpecker or Reply

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