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LaGrowthMachine: The best multi-channel outreach Automation on the market

LaGrowthMachine is a valuable tool for sales professionals and businesses looking to maximize their outreach efforts and grow their client base. This multi-channel outreach automation software allows you to automate valuable prospecting tasks.

LaGrowthMachine: The best multi-channel outreach automation on the market

LaGrowthMachine is a valuable tool for sales professionals and businesses looking to maximize their outreach efforts and grow their client base. This multi-channel outreach automation software allows you to automate tasks such as sending connection requests, messages, and follow-ups, saving you valuable time and effort.

In addition to automating tasks on LinkedIn, LaGrowthMachine also supports automation on Twitter and email, providing you with various channels to reach your audience. By leveraging the power of LinkedIn, Twitter and email, you can effectively connect with and engage potential clients, ultimately driving growth for your business.


LGM is a tool that helps you automate various tasks via LinkedIn, Twitter and email. You can schedule & automate connection requests, messages, and follow-ups. It's a useful tool for businesses and sales professionals who want to streamline their prospecting and save time on tasks usually done manually.

LaGrowthMachine lets you implement a multi-channel outreach workflow, which allows you to communicate with your prospects and customers through multiple channels, such as email, Twitter and LinkedIn. This can help you reach your audience more effectively because you can communicate through the channels that your prospects prefer.

Multi-channel outreach has been shown to multiply conversion rates to up to 3.5x. Using multiple channels for outreach can help you reach all of your prospects, regardless of their preferred method of communication. It also increases the likelihood that your message will be seen and acted upon, as people may not check all of their channels regularly. This lead to better results in terms of closing new clients.

In addition to that, Twitter is untapped in terms of prospecting automation. Most messages are from bots and are easy to spot. If you manage to send compelling messages via Twitter, you will be rewarded with great results.



LGM’s pricing starts at 80€ per month per identity. Pricing is dependent on the level of features you have access to. If you’re planning on running many separate campaigns, you might have to opt for the pricier plans at 120€ per month (for 6 running campaigns) or 220€ per month (for an unlimited number of campaigns).


Features are dependent on the plan you pick. The most premium version offers the largest number of features. Among which, you have: 

  • Automate LinkedIn, Emails, and Twitter
  • Advanced rules
  • Use any pre-made templates (26 available)
  • Advanced lead management
  • Import leads from LinkedIn and CSV files
  • Advanced campaign analytics
  • Multi-channel inbox
  • Unlimited email enrichment
  • Unlimited phone enrichment
  • Unlimited Twitter enrichment
  • Integration with Zapier
  • Create custom workflows
  • Dedicated outreach specialist
  • Campaign reviews before launch
  • Dedicated support team


G2: 4.7/5 (5 reviews)

Capterra: 4.5/5 (2 reviews)


If you're seeking a comprehensive automation solution for LinkedIn and multiple channels, LaGrowthMachine is a top choice. However, other options worth considering include Skylead, a multi-channel outreach tool that automates LinkedIn and email actions, and Expandi, a tool with similar features to Skylead.


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In conclusion, LaGrowthMachine is a powerful and comprehensive LinkedIn and multi-channel automation tool that stands out among the competition. It helps businesses and sales professionals streamline their outreach efforts and save time on tasks that would otherwise be done manually. With a wide range of features, including advanced conditions, customizable workflow templates, lead management, and detailed analytics, LaGrowthMachine is the ideal tool for reaching and engaging your target audience on LinkedIn and other channels such as email and Twitter. 

In addition to its automation capabilities, LaGrowthMachine also offers dedicated support and campaign reviews to ensure that you are getting the most out of the tool. If you want to increase your productivity and reach on LinkedIn and other channels, LaGrowthMachine is the top choice for maximizing your results. When it comes to automating outreach efforts and maximizing results on several platforms at the same time, LaGrowthMachine is a clear choice.

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