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Top 9 LinkedIn Prospecting Tools in 2023

LinkedIn prospecting involves finding and connecting with potential clients on LinkedIn using various techniques. The goal is to build genuine relationships with these clients and turn them into customers.

Top 9 LinkedIn Prospecting Tools in 2023



LinkedIn prospecting involves finding and connecting with potential clients on LinkedIn using various techniques. It involves skills such as creating a list of potential clients, writing effective messages, and using automation tools to streamline the process. The goal is to build genuine relationships with these clients and turn them into customers.



LinkedIn's large user base of over 810 million people worldwide makes it a valuable platform for finding potential B2C and B2B buyers. As a professional network, LinkedIn is primarily used to establish and cultivate professional relationships, making it an ideal environment for sales professionals to connect with potential clients and discuss solutions via connection requests or InMail messages.

However, it's important to avoid reaching out to a large number of people at once, even though LinkedIn allows you to connect with individuals you're not familiar with. Despite this, LinkedIn is still an excellent tool for sales prospecting, as it allows you to gather potential prospect information such as employment history, interests, and contact details, communicate with a large audience, analyze competitor's customer bases and prospecting strategies, and stay updated on the latest developments in the prospecting field.






LaGrowthMachine is an excellent tool that has enabled us to automate our outbound marketing efforts, including follow-ups. This has allowed us to concentrate on tasks that deliver high value.

LaGrowthMachine is a multi-channel prospecting platform that engages in conversations on LinkedIn, email, and Twitter. It is an ideal solution for growth teams, sales teams, and recruiters who want to scale their processes and achieve 3.5 times more replies.

Pricing:Β  LaGrowthMachine plans start at 220€ per month, per identity.

Rating: LaGrowthMachine is rated 4.8/5 on G2 (28 reviews)




Overloop is a multi-channel outbound platform that helps to surpass your sales targets with personalized campaigns using cold emails and LinkedIn automation. It also provides end-to-end sales pipeline management, performance tracking, and improved deal closures. The platform offers a variety of list-building and contact management tools, such as Email Finder, Chrome Extension, Import from LinkedIn, CSV Import, Custom Fields, and Contact Management. Its outbound features consist of Multi-channel Campaigns, Cold Emails, LinkedIn Automation, Templates & Variables, Email Threads, and Email Track

Rating: Overloop is rated 4.3 /5 on G2 (90 reviews)

Pricing: Overloop starts at $99 per user, per month





PhantomBuster is a technology company that has been revolutionizing web data scraping and automation since 2016, offering lead generation solutions through its Phantoms tool. With PhantomBuster, users can extract data from various major networks and websites like LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Maps, automate interactions with prospects, constantly update their CRM with clean data, and create advanced workflows without any coding knowledge.

Pricing: PhantomBuster starts at $48 per month

Rating: PhantomBuster is rated 4.3 / 5 on G2 (33 reviews)‍




HeyReach is a LinkedIn automation software that is designed primarily for agencies. With HeyReach, users can send unlimited connection requests and messages from multiple accounts. It also allows you to connect as many accounts as needed to a single campaign, or run multiple campaigns concurrently, enabling your team to scale their LinkedIn outreach efforts without exceeding LinkedIn limits.

Moreover, HeyReach offers a feature that lets you create a list of individuals who interacted with any LinkedIn post, whether it's your post, a competitor's, or an industry influencer's. The software then automatically executes a sequence of actions on this prospect list, such as sending connection requests, endorsing their abilities, viewing their profiles, liking their posts, and sending hyper-personalized messages.

Pricing: To know the pricing of HeyReach, you need to sign up for a free trial.




Expandi is a LinkedIn automation tool that uses an omnichannel approach to outreach leads securely. Even if you're not an expert in LinkedIn, Expandi can help you get results and improve your LinkedIn outreach game. You can contact your prospects via LinkedIn or Email through smart, automated sequences, and launch your first campaign in just 15 minutes and see results in 24 hours.

Expandi's goal is to be the smartest and safest way for businesses to conduct omnichannel outreach. It has market-leading features such as a smart campaign builder, which includes actions like endorsing leads and following their company page. Additionally, it has LinkedIn event capabilities, enabling you to invite your network to join your event or message those who have attended the event you are hosting. Lastly, Expandi integrates with Hyperise, allowing you to send personalized images and gifs to stand out on LinkedIn.

Pricing: Expandi starts at $99 per seat, per month

Rating: Expandi is rated 4.0 / 5 on G2 (49 reviews)




Meet Alfred is a social selling tool designed to streamline the process of connecting with potential clients on LinkedIn. With a focus on building relationships, Meet Alfred's technology enables sales teams to engage with prospects through automated engagements while still maintaining the human touch. While the company does not advocate for automating every aspect of social selling, they believe that automating certain types of engagements, such as profile visits, connect requests, and follow-up messages, can help teams save time and improve their outreach efforts. In addition, Meet Alfred also offers multi-messaging sequences, InMails, and the ability to congratulate contacts on special occasions like birthdays and job changes.

Pricing: Meet Alfred starts at $59 per month

Rating: Meet Alfred is rated 2.6 /5 on G2 (13 reviews)




Skylead is a cloud-based software designed to assist sales representatives, SDRs, recruiters, marketers, and similar professionals in automating their LinkedIn outreach and cold email campaigns to build relationships with potential leads. With Skylead, users can focus on closing deals while the software runs campaigns on autopilot. The platform offers multichannel outreach capabilities with smart sequences that allow for if/else conditions to create different outcomes based on leads' behavior. Additionally, Skylead's smart inbox unifies all inboxes, allowing users to reply to messages, label leads, and monitor unanswered messages. The software also includes email discovery and verification capabilities, and the ability to use image and GIF hyper-personalization to improve response rates in cold outreach campaigns.

Pricing: Skylead starts at $100 per account, per month

Rating: Skylead is rated 4.3 / 5 on G2 (9 reviews)




Waalaxy is an updated version of ProspectIn, a LinkedIn prospecting tool that offers an array of new and improved features, such as automatic mailing campaigns, bulk messaging, invitation requests, and LinkedIn profile exporting. The platform is designed to simplify LinkedIn lead generation for its users, making it easy to contact their targets on both LinkedIn and email without requiring a database or technical expertise. Waalaxy's user interface is sleek and straightforward, enabling users to begin their outreach campaigns in under 20 minutes. What's more, users can try Waalaxy for free without needing to provide credit card details. The platform is safe and simple to use - users only need to choose their preferred action, launch the extension, and wait for their business to grow.

Pricing: Waalaxy starts at €60 per month

Rating: Waalaxy is rated 4.8/ 5 on G2Β  (141 reviews)




Salesloop is a sales automation tool designed to enable true omnichannel automation, with LinkedIn automation as its primary feature, and email and Twitter automation planned for future release. It has several features that can help users identify their ideal customers and create tailored message campaigns, using content to add value and educate prospects. Users can schedule outreach sequences and automate the enrollment of prospects who reply. Salesloop also allows for the orchestration and personalization of outreach messages for individual personas. The tool employs leading proprietary technology to deliver messages and enables personalized message sending without the need to keep a PC open. Best practices for sales outreach are also employed.

Pricing: Salesloop starts at $49 per month

Rating: Salesloop is rated 3.5 / 5 onΒ  G2 (3 reviews)



In summary, it is important to remember that successful selling is founded on building relationships and initiating conversations. While templates, techniques, and tools can be helpful, their usefulness lies in their ability to serve this purpose. Combining both outbound and inbound strategies can achieve this goal, and it is not necessary to favor one approach over the other. Although some actions may not yield an immediate return on investment, building a high-quality network of relevant LinkedIn connections is a long-term strategy that will outperform any short-term hacks.


How to use LinkedIn for sales prospecting?

To maximize your sales prospecting efforts on LinkedIn, consider implementing the following 12 strategies. First, optimize your LinkedIn profile with a sales-focused approach. Utilize the Boolean search feature to find targeted leads, and consider investing in LinkedIn Sales Navigator for advanced search functionality. Export leads and find their contact details to enable more personalized outreach. When sending connection requests, avoid adding notes as this can reduce your acceptance rate. Instead, send hyper-personalized messages and always add value to follow-ups. Identify Open Profiles for increased prospecting opportunities. Paid InMails should be used as a last resort. Automate LinkedIn outreach to streamline the process and combine LinkedIn prospecting with cold emails to create a comprehensive strategy. Finally, consider scaling LinkedIn outreach using multiple accounts to increase your reach.

Should you prospect on LinkedIn?

Whether or not LinkedIn is the best B2B lead generation channel for you depends on whether your ideal clients are active users of the platform and have complete profiles. If your target audience is digitally-oriented and uses LinkedIn regularly, then using LinkedIn as your primary lead generation channel is highly recommended. However, if your audience consists of less digitally-focused groups, such as traditional SMBs, e-commerce brands, or health companies, LinkedIn may not be the most effective platform to reach them.

Does LinkedIn work for prospecting?

Absolutely, LinkedIn messages typically receive a higher reply rate compared to cold emails when used for prospecting. Additionally, LinkedIn is a valuable source of prospect information, allowing for the easy creation of qualified lead lists using the platform's search engine.

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