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Top 15 Multi-channel Outreach Tools in 2024

In the world of sales, using multiple touchpoints to connect with your prospects is important. Diversifying your outreach strategies significantly enhances your likelihood of reaching potential customers where they are most engaged and receptive. Using various channels, such as email, phone calls, SMS, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more, allows you to create genuine interactions and cultivate robust relationships with your target audience. By employing this multichannel approach, you can establish a strong presence across different platforms, effectively capturing the attention of your prospects and maximizing your chances of successful engagement and conversion.

Top 15 Multi-channel Outreach Tools in 2024


Multi-channel outreach is a sales strategy that involves engaging potential customers through various communication channels, such as email, phone calls, LinkedIn, Twitter, SMS, WhatsApp, and other platforms. By utilizing multiple touchpoints, you can increase the chances of connecting with leads and building stronger relationships. This comprehensive approach allows for personalized interactions, optimized workflows, and data-driven insights to improve your engagement and lead generation. 

Each tool discussed in this article emphasizes the importance of reaching prospects where they are most active and receptive. These tools offer features like email automation, personalized messaging, social media automation, and VoIP dialers, empowering sales teams to conduct outreach efficiently and effectively.

The key to successful multi-channel outreach is leveraging the strengths of each tool while maintaining a consistent and cohesive message across all channels. You can use these tools to manage and track interactions efficiently. And by matching the preferences and behaviors of your prospects, you can create more meaningful connections, nurture leads effectively, and ultimately drive higher conversion rates!


Cold outreach channels consists of email, phone calls, LinkedIn, Twitter, SMS, WhatsApp, and even handwritten cards. These diverse channels are employed in the process of reaching out to your potential customers in a direct manner. By utilizing multiple touchpoints, you can engage with prospects where they are most active and receptive, increasing the chances of building meaningful relationships and driving successful sales interactions. 

A well-crafted multi-channel outreach strategy enables you to connect with your target audience effectively and create a lasting impression through personalized interactions across these different channels.

Best Multi-channel Outreach Tools in 2024


lemlist’s multichannel outreach features help increase reply rates by combining email, LinkedIn, and phone calls into seamless sequences.

Lemlist's AI campaign generator crafts custom emails that convert, while their pre-made templates give you a strong starting point. You can send automated cold emails and follow-ups, personalizing them at scale with custom text variables, images, and dynamic landing pages.

Don’t rely on just one channel. Imagine a prospect who rarely checks email but spends a lot of time on LinkedIn. Lemlist lets you tailor outreach to that reality.

You can send an initial email to grab attention, then follow up with a LinkedIn connection request and a personalized voice message – all within the same automated sequence. You can add steps like visiting profiles or commenting on posts to engage your connections without worrying about getting banned. This increases the chances of your message being seen and acted upon.

Lemlist helps cold calling become more efficient with in-browser calls and proven scripts while detailed dashboards help you track callbacks. Manual task steps and API integrations let you perform specific actions, like social media interactions and custom automated steps, ensuring your outreach remains human and effective.

Lemlist’s multichannel workflows give you everything you need to find leads, personalize outreach, and win customers.

Pricing: lemlist offers a free trial and plans start at $99/mo

Rating: lemlist is rated 4.4/5 on G2 (242 reviews)


Unify is an all-in-one platform designed for powerful, warm outbound. With access to over 120 million contacts, including business emails and direct dials, Unify integrates this data into your workflows. This eliminates the need for manual searches and speeds up the prospecting process.

Unify enhances your engagement and reply rates by making your outreach feel personal and timely. The platform tracks intent signals, such as website visits and buying committee changes, to identify leads who are actively engaged. It then automates outreach by sending AI-personalized email sequences that respond to these signals.

By reaching out when prospects are most receptive, Unify significantly boosts your chances of closing a deal!

Pricing: Unify starts at $1000/mo

Rating: Unify is rated 4.8/5 on G2 (12 reviews)


Amplemarket provides a comprehensive set of features for your lead generation, engagement, sales intelligence, and deliverability needs. But today, we’ll focus on discussing its multichannel outreach capabilities.

With Amplemarket, you can connect with your leads on their preferred channels, streamlining email, dialer, and social interactions into one tool. This software lets you test innovative outreach sequences and save time by managing all engagements in one place.

You can craft unique touch points efficiently through multichannel sequencing, making the most of your cold outreach. It also helps you mitigate spam risks because your outreach is diversified.

Amplemarket facilitates social selling by offering LinkedIn outreach automation. You can automate popular LinkedIn actions, send voice and video messages, and generate AI-powered first-touch messages for personalized selling, all in one click with the help of Amplemarket’s GPT-4-powered copywriter.

With Amplemarket's centralized data, you can gather all prospect information in one place. This tool also lets you use its pre-built sequences and proven templates to expedite email and sequence creation while adapting them to suit your business needs and customize sequences for your different leads. For a human touch, you can add manual tasks between automated sequences, humanizing your lead generation process.

Pricing: To know the pricing of Amplemarket, you need to request a demo first.

Rating: Amplemarket is rated 4.5/5 on G2 (150 reviews)


LaGrowthMachine offers a wide range of products, including automated multi-channel workflows, automatic lead enrichment, lead management, performance analysis, crm synchronization, zapier, webhooks, and apis. In this article, we'll focus on exploring LaGrowthMachine's multichannel outreach capabilities. With LaGrowthMachine, you can engage with your leads on their preferred channels, recognizing that one channel is not enough to create meaningful conversations. LaGrowthMachine you to craft human-like automations with advanced conditions, adapting your prospect's journey based on the enriched data available.

To help you get started quickly, LaGrowthMachine provides a variety of proven multi-channel templates, selected from years of experience with hundreds of clients, accelerating your learning curve. As your business grows, you can scale your sales process with custom sequences using LaGrowthMachine’s automaton builder. Additionally, with the webhook block, you can integrate with other apps to enhance your outreach strategy.

LaGrowthMachine introduces a new feature: a multi-channel inbox, allowing you to source and manage leads seamlessly. You can import leads from LinkedIn and other sources with a simple click, ensuring you never contact the same lead twice, as the platform manages duplicates for you. The Lead Management System (LRM) enables precise audience segmentation, and you can filter leads based on their activities to optimize your campaign targeting. With LaGrowthMachine’s multichannel inbox, you can centralize, manage, and follow all your conversations with leads, whether they come from emails or LinkedIn!

Pricing:  LaGrowthMachine offers a free trial, and plans start at 60€/mo

Rating: LaGrowthMachine is rated 4.9/5 on G2 (34 reviews)


Overloop is a sales engagement platform that enables you to achieve your sales quotas through highly personalized outbound campaigns that combine Cold Emails and LinkedIn Automation. With a focus on multi-channel outreach, Overloop provides you all the necessary features to run effective outbound campaigns, leading to increased conversations and closed deals.

Through multi-channel campaigns, you can achieve your goals by combining LinkedIn actions, email follow-ups, and manual tasks which creates a well-rounded and engaging outreach strategy. Overloop allows you to connect any of your email accounts to send personalized emails at scale. You can also integrate your LinkedIn accounts to automate profile visits, connection requests, and direct messages to streamline your LinkedIn engagement process.

Overloop's emphasis on personalization is evident through its templates and variables feature, enabling you to craft ultra-personalized messages for your contacts. By sending emails as replies to previous emails, you can create seamless email threads, facilitating more engaging and interactive conversations with prospects. Overloop also offers email tracking capabilities, you can monitor opens, clicks, visits, bounces, and replies which provides you valuable insights into the effectiveness of your outreach. With these features, Overloop equips you with the tools you need to drive results in your outbound sales campaign!

Pricing: Overloop offers a free trial and plans start at $99/mo

Rating: Overloop is rated 4.3/5 on G2 (100 reviews)


Super Send is a comprehensive Sales Engagement Platform that facilitates multichannel outreach, specifically focusing on cold outreach at scale. Super Sends operates on the premise of creating campaigns to engage leads through different channels, including email, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Simply upload your lead lists, map data to internal attributes, and create custom sequences for your outreach. 

In the email channel, Super Sends enables you to send personalized emails, automate follow-ups as replies or new threads, and conduct email warming. Super Send’s LinkedIn automation empowers you to conduct profile visits, send connection requests with or without messages, and message first-degree connections. Super Send also supports automated Twitter actions, such as following users and sending direct messages, leveraging Twitter's underrated response rates!

A distinguishing feature of Super Send is its capacity to handle multiple email addresses within a campaign, allowing you to manage various senders and optimize email capacity effectively. Super Send's dashboard provides insights into your campaign performance, tracking key metrics like open rates and click-through rates for each step. You can create sequences manually or employ the AI sequence generator for assistance which bases cold email sequences on your preferences.

Pricing: Super Send starts at $20/mo

Rating: Super Send is rated 5/5 on G2 (7 reviews)

7. EXPANDI.IO offers a multichannel outreach platform that combines the effectiveness of LinkedIn and Email prospecting to deliver you great results. With Expandi, you can personalize your LinkedIn outreach with creative touches such as image and GIF personalization to boost your engagement. simplifies your LinkedIn outreach automation by assigning a new proxy IP address to each account and replicating human behavior with randomized delays between actions. The best part is that it operates in the cloud 24/7, eliminating the need to keep your computer turned on all the time. With an auto-warm-up feature and smart limits in place, you can confidently send up to 100 invites and messages per day without worrying about crossing any boundaries.

You can engage your target audience through diverse strategies like Sales Navigator targeting, retargeting event attendees, poll voter engagement, and connecting with profile viewers. The Smart Sequences feature of enhances your multi-channel outreach by combining actions, setting time delays, and defining conditions for personalized interactions. You can integrate with any of your preferred email providers and personalize emails at scale using names, titles, company names, and personalized images. 

Pricing: offers a free trial and plans start at $99/mo

Rating: is rated 4.1/5 on G2 (63 reviews)


Skylead is a sales engagement platform designed for business owners, SDRs, and recruiters who utilize cold outreach to scale up their businesses. Skylead combines various outreach actions into a smart sequence, an innovative algorithm that executes steps logically based on your leads' behavior. Skylead efficiently finds target leads, initiates the first contact through LinkedIn and email outreach, sends hyper-personalized images and GIFs, and verifies business emails for enhanced engagement.

Skylead's dashboard provides you with campaign data, including profile views, connection requests, emails sent, acceptance rates, and reply rates. Skylead offers different sources to pull your leads from, such as LinkedIn search results, event attendees, Sales Navigator, Recruiter Search, Talent Pool, or Pipeline URLs, CSV imports, and post engagement.

Skylead's smart sequences enable you to automate your engagement process by creating personalized sequences with actions such as following leads, finding and verifying business emails, inviting leads to connect, sending messages, and more. Skylead's unique "Boost Mode" allows you to send blank invites, increasing the number of connections per week. If-else conditions help to decide the next steps based on the leads' responses and you can improve your outreach by using A/B testing for messages. You can also track campaign performance using graphs, tables, and smart sequence steps.

Pricing: Skylead offers a free trial and plans start at $100/mo

Rating: Skylead is rated 4.3/5 on G2 (11 reviews)


OutplayHQ is an all-in-one sales platform designed for high-velocity sales teams. OutplayHQ provides a comprehensive set of features, including sales prospecting, multichannel engagement, inbound conversion and scheduling, and conversational intelligence. With OutplayHQ, you can find the right prospects, engage with them across various channels, personalize communication at scale, and close deals efficiently.

With OutplayHQ’s multi-channel outreach capabilities, you can add prospects to personalized automation-powered sequences and engage with them through email, calls, text messages, LinkedIn, and Twitter with just a click. This empowers you to diversify your outreach and reach prospects where they are, ensuring a better chance of getting meetings booked. OutplayHQ allows for a unified multi-channel sales strategy, covering all touchpoints and increasing the likelihood of successful interactions.

With OutplayHQ, you can drive multi-channel outreach by creating sequences with any combination of email, phone, SMS, LinkedIn, Twitter, and WhatsApp. OutplayHQ also offers real-time prospect engagement insights, including open tracking, link tracking, send later, reminders, and personalized videos.OutplayHQ simplifies cold calling by providing a click-to-call button, automating voicemails, call recordings, and call-related tasks. OutplayHQ's SMS and WhatsApp integration enables you to engage prospects at their fingertips with personalized messaging templates and event-based SMS. 

Pricing: OutplayHQ offers a free plan and premium plans start at $99/mo

Rating: OutplayHQ is rated 4.5/5 on G2 (241 reviews)


Meet Alfred offers a powerful multichannel outreach solution designed to help you achieve your sales goals faster by automatically sending personalized follow-up messages on LinkedIn, Email, and Twitter. With the ability to prospect across multiple channels, you can create a multi-channel sales pipeline, engaging with prospects in a natural and personalized manner.

By utilizing channels like LinkedIn, Email, and Twitter, you can build an automated outreach workflow, customize actions, set time delays, apply smart filters, and increase lead generation. Meet Alfred provides various methods to import your leads, such as CSV, LinkedIn, Sales Navigator lead lists, saved search pages, LinkedIn posts, group members, and events. 

Meet Alfred allows you to build customized prospecting sequences that incorporate a combination of actions on LinkedIn, Email, and Twitter. This includes viewing profiles, endorsing skills, automated connection requests, sending "thank you" messages, and following up as part of marketing efforts. The interactions are designed to be natural and personalized, improving outreach efforts and the overall customer experience. Meet Alfred also enables you to measure your outreach success through detailed data and analytics. You can evaluate campaign performance, edit sequence details, add more leads at any time, and make real-time improvements based on Meet Alfred's analytics and attribution models!

Pricing: Meet Alfred offers a free trial and premium plans start at $39/mo

Rating: Meet Alfred is rated 2.5/5 on G2 (15 reviews)


Klenty offers a comprehensive sales engagement platform with a sales dialer that streamlines calls by eliminating manual dialing and leveraging voicemails to boost your connection rates. Klenty’s LinkedIn automation feature enhances open conversations on the platform at scale, enabling personalized InMails, messages, connection requests, and profile visits to increase your prospect engagement. 

With Klenty's email outreach, you can hyper-personalize emails using prospect data, resulting in higher reply rates. Klenty facilitates the sending of hundreds of personalized emails daily, ensuring each communication feels tailored and human. For hard-to-reach prospects, Klenty provides text automation, allowing you to quickly engage and initiate conversations. Moreover, Klenty's WhatsApp automation allows you to schedule and send personalized messages, ensuring they remain memorable and receive more responses from prospects who prefer mobile communication.

Klenty's multi-channel inbox consolidates all prospect communications in one place, allowing you to manage interactions without switching tabs. Klenty's latest feature, AI Cadences, enhances your multichannel messaging by crafting entire sequences full of personalized emails, LinkedIn messages, and call scripts in just 2 minutes! The AI is trained in various sales scenarios, making it adaptable to different selling needs. You can add, remove, and edit touchpoints based on your industry, personas, and unique sales process, while AI Cadences uses prospect data to insert custom snippets and one-liners into the sales outreach.

Pricing: Klenty offers a free trial and premium plans start at $60/mo

Rating: Klenty is rated 4.6/5 on G2 (312 reviews)


Reply's multichannel outreach platform offers an extensive array of features designed to empower you to engage prospects through multiple channels. With the ability to automate personalized emails, professional network messages, calls, SMS, and WhatsApp, you can create comprehensive sequences that cater to the preferences of your target audience. With Reply’s upcoming integration of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and ProductHunt interactions, you can further diversify your communication strategies!

Reply's multichannel sequences feature enables you to set up automated workflows that combine different touchpoints. The A/B testing for email steps allows you to optimize your messaging and ensure that the most effective emails are used in your campaigns. 

Reply’s professional network automation allows you to automate actions such as connection requests, messages, profile views, and post likes on professional networks. The messages with personalized variables ensure that each outreach feels tailored and relevant to the recipient, increasing the chances of a positive response. Additionally, Reply's Cloud Calls enables you to have real-time conversations and build rapport with potential customers. With VoIP calls through the browser, click-to-call functionality, custom caller ID, call recording, and international call support, you can effectively engage with leads over the phone. 

Pricing: Reply offers a free plan, and premium plans start at $60/mo

Rating: Reply is rated 4.6 /5 on G2 (1,107 reviews)


Lemlist's multichannel outreach platform offers a range of features to enhance your sales campaigns. Lemlist allows you to automate your cold email steps and create personalized and eye-catching email templates that make your approach stand out. 

Lemlist also provides automated LinkedIn steps. With Lemlist, you can add LinkedIn invites, profile visits, and messages to your outreach campaigns. This multichannel approach increases the likelihood of getting responses from prospects, as it allows you to engage with leads on both email and professional networking platforms.

If you’re looking to incorporate cold calling into your outreach strategy, Lemlist offers cold calling steps too! Through integration with Aircall, you can seamlessly add cold or warm call steps to your campaigns. Lemlist enables you to add reminders for specific actions so you can stay connected with prospects through various touchpoints, such as commenting on their social media posts or mentioning them in their own posts, keeping the conversation going and nurturing relationships. Moreover, Lemlist offers the flexibility to add custom automated steps to campaigns. This feature empowers users to trigger actions like physical mailing or sending LinkedIn vocals, allowing for even more personalized and creative ways to engage with your prospects.

14. BUZZ.AI brings together data sourcing, automation, and lead management to ensure you can connect with the right prospects, at the right time, and through the right channels. offers seamless Social Outreach, enabling you to manage and automate social activities without leaving This also allows you to enrich and target prospects on various social platforms.

With’s Email Outreach, you can automate, manage, and A/B test your email strategies while running synchronized multichannel campaigns to engage prospects on both social media and email platforms. 

Additionally, Buzz's data enrichment feature offers a vast database of data-enriched profiles, giving you valuable information to enhance their conversations and ultimately convert prospects. With unlimited prospects, touchpoints, and campaigns, Buzz ensures scalability, providing users with the flexibility to grow their strategies without constraints. 

Pricing: starts at $90/mo

Rating: is rated 4.7/5 on G2 (90 reviews)


Pipegen is a specialized sales engagement platform designed specifically for agencies, offering a unique and comprehensive solution for running multi-channel campaigns. Pipegen addresses the challenges agencies often face when using multiple platforms for cold emails, cold calling, and LinkedIn automation. Managing credentials and domains between clients, SDRs (Sales Development Representatives), and various systems can become a complex and time-consuming task. Moreover, uploading prospect lists across multiple systems can lead to errors and inefficiencies.

Pipegen provides a single, all-in-one solution, allowing you to spend more time on actual dialing and less onboarding. With its multi-touch sales platform, Pipegen offers a VoIP Dialer that can significantly increase your team's dialing rates.  Pipegen automates email and LinkedIn outreach on behalf of your clients and provides a scheduling tool that syncs with multiple client calendars for real-time availability when scheduling meetings. 

Pipegen also offers phone number validation to ensure accurate dialing lists, backed by intent data to enhance the chances of your prospects answering calls. Pipegen covers various channels, including Email Touch, LinkedIn Touch for connection requests and messages, Phone Touch, and even Handwritten Card Touch, offering a personalized touch to your outreach efforts.

Pricing: You may schedule a demo to view Pipegen’s pricing

Rating: Pipegen is rated 4.2/5 on G2 (3 reviews)


Multichannel outreach tools have become essential for modern sales teams and agencies to effectively engage prospects and drive revenue growth. From Lemlist's intelligent prospecting to OutplayHQ's all-in-one sales platform, these tools offer diverse features to automate and personalize your outreach across different channels.

In the world of sales, using multiple touchpoints to connect with your prospects is important. Diversifying your outreach strategies significantly enhances your likelihood of reaching potential customers where they are most engaged and receptive. Using various channels, such as email, phone calls, SMS, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more, allows you to create genuine interactions and cultivate robust relationships with your target audience. By employing this multichannel approach, you can establish a strong presence across different platforms, effectively capturing the attention of your prospects and maximizing your chances of successful engagement and conversion.

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