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Top 12 AI Buyer Intent Software in 2023

AI buyer intent software bring a new dimension to prospecting and engagement. AI buyer intent software are tools that can track shifts in company behavior, technology adoption, personnel changes, social media activity, and more. These tools provide signals that empower you to make data-driven decisions that lead to more successful interactions and conversions.

Top 12 AI Intent Signals Software in 2023


Intent signals or buyer intent data refer to specific actions, behaviors, or signals exhibited by individuals or companies that indicate a potential interest or readiness to engage with a particular product, service, or solution. In the context of sales and marketing, buyer intent data provide signals and valuable insights into the behavior and activities of your prospects, helping you identify and prioritize leads that are more likely to convert into customers.

Buyer intent data are typically gathered from various data sources, such as online interactions, social media activity, website visits, content consumption patterns, job postings, and more. By analyzing buyer intent data, you can gain a deeper understanding of the needs, preferences, and intentions of your target audience. This enables you to tailor your outreach efforts, engage prospects with relevant and timely messages, and ultimately increase the effectiveness of your sales and marketing strategies!


Buyer intent data tools are specialized software solutions that use advanced technologies like AI to identify specific actions and behaviors exhibited by individuals and companies. These actions, such as online interactions, job postings, and website visits, signal potential interest or readiness for engagement with a product or service. 

Buyer intent data software, like the ones mentioned below, leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data analysis techniques to automatically collect, analyze, and interpret buyer intent data. The software then generates actionable insights and alerts that help your sales and marketing teams identify high-potential prospects, personalize their messaging, and engage with them in a more informed and strategic manner. The goal is to improve the overall efficiency of lead generation, enhance customer engagement, and drive higher conversion rates.

In our discussion, we will explore a range of buyer intent data software, including Clay, Humanlinker, Humantic, Triggr, Namora AI,, and others. These tools offer features like real-time notifications, personality analysis, comprehensive account insights, and customized outreach strategies. By utilizing buyer intent data tools, you can gain a deeper understanding of your target audience's preferences, needs, and behaviors, allowing you to prioritize and personalize their engagement efforts for better conversion rates!



Clay's buyer intent data software provides you with valuable insights to enhance your prospecting and engagement efforts. With over 100 built-in integrations, Clay offers a wide range of intent signals that provide a comprehensive view of target companies and individuals. These signals include headcount growth analysis from LinkedIn, segmentation based on specific parameters, and identification of active job openings within companies. 

Clay goes beyond basic data gathering by offering insights into company news, personal email addresses, social URLs, LinkedIn posts, and website traffic analysis. Clay also excels in its ability to scrape data from platforms like GitHub and Hacker News, allowing you to tap into relevant discussions and content. Clay enriches your prospect profiles with social media data from platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and GitHub, contributing to a holistic understanding of your potential prospects!

In addition to company-specific insights, Clay enables you to perform Google searches for a deeper level of information. Clay’s wide array of buyer intent data equips you with a comprehensive toolkit to refine your outreach strategies, enhance personalization, and engage with prospects more effectively!

Pricing: Clay offers a Free plan and premium plans start at $149/mo


Humanlinker's buyer intent data is designed to provide you with timely and relevant alerts concerning your target accounts. Humanlinker ensures that you are well informed about significant changes happening within your key prospects. Humanlinker’s alerts cover a wide range of events, including exciting news, mass hiring, new fundraising initiatives, and accounts activity. By receiving these alerts, you can position yourself effectively by delivering the right message at the right time, ultimately leading to improved engagement and successful interactions with your potential clients.

With Humanlinker’s access to the latest news and updates related to your contacts and accounts, you can ensure you are thoroughly prepared for your meetings. Having up-to-date information at your fingertips empowers you to deliver more personalized and impactful conversations, leading to stronger client relationships and higher conversion rates.

By utilizing Humanlinker's intent signal software, you can significantly enhance your engagement strategies. With relevant alerts on key target accounts and comprehensive meeting preparation tools, you can stay ahead of industry trends, stand out in meetings, and build stronger connections with potential clients!

Pricing: Humanlinker offers a Free plan and premium plans start at $29/mo

Rating: Humanliker is rated 4/5 on G2 (1 review)


Humantic presents a buyer intent data platform tailored for revenue teams. Humantic transforms LinkedIn profiles of your prospects into accurate personality profiles in an instant. Humantic offers a unique Personality AI Assistant that synergizes Personality AI and GPT-3, enabling you to personalize your communication effectively. Leveraging the insights from Humantic's personality analysis allows you to establish rapport, navigate communication challenges, and enhance your deal-closing capabilities.

Humantic’s Personality AI APIs offer a 'Personality AI as a service' solution. This option is particularly useful for understanding user behavior or implementing personalization strategies without conducting exhaustive testing. By providing insights based on the Big 5 (OCEAN) personality assessment and DISC personality profiles, Humantic AI offers valuable personality-driven insights for your sales and hiring processes. 

By analyzing historical engagement data and outcomes, Humantic assists you in refining your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and buyer personas. This intelligent identification of recurring buying patterns helps you target your marketing efforts more precisely. 

Pricing: Book a demo or start a Free trial to view Humantic’s pricing plans

Rating: Humantic is rated 4.8/5 on G2 (83 reviews)


Triggr's buyer intent data software empowers you to predict buyer intent through real-time notifications, enabling your sales teams to stay informed about critical events. Triggr identifies and flags occurrences that generate opportunities, transforming prospects into motivated buyers. By continuously scanning the web, Triggr detects immediate changes that trigger notifications, keeping you updated when these events unfold. Triggr covers a range of notification categories, including technology installations, employee movements, job postings, fundraising announcements, news mentions, growth trends, website updates, and mergers and acquisitions.

One of Triggr's features is its real-time lead finder tool that facilitates prospecting list creation by providing you with comprehensive contact data necessary for achieving results. You can filter and identify prospects based on specific criteria, such as technology usage, job postings, fundraising activities, industry, company size, job titles, and more. Once suitable contacts are pinpointed, they can be seamlessly integrated into your CRM for efficient follow-up!

Furthermore, while browsing the web, you can access company and contact data through Triggr, offering insights such as technology stack, recent hires and promotions, and detailed hiring information. Triggr ensures you receive real-time notifications about significant events as they transpire, ranging from technology changes and role transitions to fundraising activities, job postings, news mentions, growth trends, website updates, and mergers and acquisitions!

Pricing: Triggr starts at $33/mo


Signum's buyer intent data software is designed to identify and leverage buyer intent among your customers, offering opportunities for up-selling, cross-selling, and churn prevention. By utilizing public data and AI-driven analysis, Signum tracks customer behavior to pinpoint the ideal moments for reconnecting. This approach is rooted in the understanding that a significant portion of the sales and marketing team's time is often spent on contacts not currently ready to make purchasing decisions. Signum focuses on tracking key signals such as job changes and keyword mentions to prioritize engagement with the most promising prospects.

Signum's operational process involves selecting your preferred integration variant, configuring settings, and setting triggers based on events like job changes, title changes, and keyword mentions. The AI component of Signum collects and analyzes customer data to provide valuable insights, scores, notifications, customer-specific content, reports, and automation opportunities.

By using Signum, you receive insights into your contacts' behavioral activities, can score leads, accounts, and customers automatically, set up automation directly within your CRM, create branded and customized content, receive notifications for important events related to contacts, and access informative dashboards with key metrics. Signum also includes an advanced conversational AI for analyzing and summarizing unstructured data, allowing you to stay ahead in understanding customer intentions and needs!

Pricing: Signum offers a Free trial and premium plans start at $59/mo

Rating: Signum is rated 4.9/5 on G2 (7 reviews)


Truebase's buyer intent data software is designed to simplify the process of identifying potential customers and engaging them effectively. Truebase recognizes that online representations vary and eliminates the need for complex filters and precise keywords commonly required by other tools. Instead, you can state your objectives, allowing Truebase to manage the rest by revealing potential customers whose keywords might not perfectly align with yours. Truebase expands the traditional concept of search, enabling you to find results that extend beyond specific keywords. Truebase's intelligent system comprehends user terms and provides relevant results, even when the exact words are uncertain!

Truebase's AI rapidly addresses qualification questions, alleviating the need for manual scouring of prospects' websites and LinkedIn profiles. Truebase streamlines your meeting preparation by delivering accurate responses to qualification queries. This feature helps you determine if an account matches your ideal customer profile, enhancing decision-making on pursuing potential accounts. Truebase helps you qualify interested parties more efficiently by understanding their unique problems and objectives. Truebase even offers a lead categorization assistant to label different individuals within organizations, saving time and ensuring the right messages reach the right people.

Truebase offers insights into various sources, including websites, job descriptions, news articles, and more, beyond LinkedIn profiles. With an extensive database of professionals and organizations, Truebase offers internet-wide information coverage, ensuring a rich prospect discovery experience. Additionally, Truebase streamlines the prospecting process by integrating account and lead searches, providing relevant results to reduce redundancy and maximize clarity.

Pricing: Truebase offers a Free trial and premium plans start at $59.90/mo

7. ASGARD.AI's buyer intent data software offers advanced features designed to streamline lead qualification and engagement efforts. utilizes data to identify companies that align with your ideal customer profile.’s buyer intent detection feature enables you to gain insights into potential buyers' specific situations and pain points. This knowledge empowers you to target those prospects who are most likely to be receptive to the value proposition, increasing the effectiveness of your outreach efforts!

The Contact Finder of is designed to identify contacts that match different buyer personas. These contacts can then be segmented for personalized sales outreach actions and marketing campaigns. This ensures that communication is tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each prospect.'s Company Tools Stack offers insights into the tools used by companies, whether they are tools you integrate with or compete against. You can use this information to enrich CRM data or personalize Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns, allowing for a more strategic and relevant approach to engagement.

Pricing: Request early access to use Asgard


Namora AI's buyer intent data offers a powerful way to enhance your marketing efforts. To begin, you can easily upload a CSV file containing names and domains. Namora AI then empowers you to customize your messaging style through system settings and select specific insights to generate messaging that resonates with your audience. Namora AI then goes to work generating AI sequences that are tailored to your preferences.

With Namora, you gain access to over 200 AI-powered signals, enabling you to prioritize accounts based on their momentum and events. This provides invaluable insights into the GTM (Go-To-Market) trends, such as PLG (Product-Led Growth) or SLG (Sales-Led Growth) motions. Furthermore, the Namora AI allows you to pinpoint companies that are churning users and gauge sentiment. You can also identify modern teams within organizations, such as Product, Design, and Support.

Namora's features extend to drilling into your Total Addressable Market (TAM) with modern tags like B2B SaaS and Web3. Namora AI allows you to segment accounts based on technology adoption trends, while also offering the ability to qualify accounts with estimated IT spend by function. Beyond business metrics, Namora delves into the realm of employee happiness and company culture insights, providing a comprehensive picture of the organizations you're targeting! This rich array of buyer intent data equips you with the data needed to tailor your marketing strategies and engage with prospects effectively.

Pricing: Request early access to use Namora AI

9. NOKI.SO's buyer intent data offers a comprehensive solution for prospecting and outreach. The process begins with the creation of signals that match precisely with your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Whether you choose from’s pre-built signals or craft your own, you have the flexibility to modify these signals as needed to ensure they align with your requirements.'s buyer intent data encompass a wide range of categories, including Technology Signals that provide insights into specific technologies used by prospects, Product Signals that reveal potential alignment with your services, Team Signals that offer department-level hiring and workforce insights, and Company Signals that delve into account-level challenges and initiatives. Furthermore, empowers you to uncover Customer Signals to gain a deeper understanding of the markets and volume your prospects deal with. even allows you to create Custom Signals to cater to unique needs. 

Once the signals are established,'s system allows you to seamlessly upload accounts. This initial setup enables a continuous flow of accounts to be processed, with promptly identifying which accounts match each signal you've defined. takes it a step further by assisting you in selecting the most appropriate job titles that correspond to your ideal personas for each account. Drawing on the data collected from the signals,'s AI automatically produces hyper-personalized and impactful emails for each lead. This ensures that your outreach is not only scalable but also highly tailored to the individual recipient! 

Pricing: You can request a free sample with Noki, and sign in to view their pricing plans


Intently's buyer intent data offers a solution for identifying and engaging prospects who are primed for purchasing, all while delivering a personalized outreach that demonstrates a clear understanding of their requirements well ahead of the competition. Imagine Intently as the equivalent of the Google search engine for discovering potential clients. By sharing your target audience specifics, Intently provides a meticulously ranked list of prospects based on their purchasing likelihood, enabling you to comprehend their distinct needs and construct customized proposals.

Intently's prowess lies in its profound search capabilities, which can often prove challenging for human efforts but become effortlessly manageable with AI. Intently's algorithms analyze a wealth of data to pinpoint prospects displaying buyer intent directly aligned with your offerings. These buyer intent data encompass a spectrum of factors such as website visits, search queries, content consumption patterns, social media engagement, and even the time spent on specific pages. With such intricate insights at your disposal, you can engage with the right leads at the optimal time, elevating your outreach effectiveness significantly!

Intently extends beyond furnishing basic lead and company details by providing valuable context concerning each prospect's individual needs. You can glean insights into the topics your prospects are actively researching and the specific solutions they are seeking. Intently employs AI-powered outreach messages meticulously tailored to your prospects' inclinations and requirements, engendering a sense that each message has been uniquely crafted to resonate. This personalized approach facilitates making an impactful first impression and cultivating genuine relationships from the outset of your interactions!

Pricing: Join the waitlist to use Intently


Groundswell introduces an approach to understanding and acting on product usage data, now seamlessly integrated within Salesforce and Slack. Groundswell allows you to strategically manage accounts by placing the most engaged and potentially at-risk ones at the forefront, guaranteeing that no sales, upsell, or retention opportunities go unnoticed. With relevant product usage insights like milestones and inactivity readily accessible in Salesforce, you gain the context necessary for crafting follow-up strategies tailored to each account's unique journey.

In addition to enhancing account prioritization, Groundswell empowers you to take action swiftly. Operational decisions, meticulously mapped out based on specific criteria, ensure that you are equipped to make informed moves the moment an account satisfies those conditions. This intelligent approach eradicates any uncertainty, enabling you to optimize engagement with your prioritized accounts and capitalize on each opportunity.

Moreover, Groundswell's Autopilot for Pipeline Generation introduces an innovative five-step framework designed to elevate your sales efforts. This system diligently monitors various signals that signify opportunities. These signals span across CRM interactions, technological shifts, and job transitions. The subsequent steps encompass checking the fit of these signals with your ideal customer profile, surfacing leads with the highest propensity to convert, incorporating AI-generated emails for elevated conversion rates, and ultimately, automating meeting scheduling. 

Pricing: Get a demo to view Groundswell’s pricing plans


Relevvo's buyer intent data platform brings a laser-focused approach to fueling efficient growth for your business by honing in on companies that are in immediate need of your product–your Active Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), Relevvo leverages AI-powered capabilities to automatically identify these companies and contacts. Relevvo continuously tracks crucial pain points, needs, and initiatives relevant to your Active ICP. Relevvo then surfaces the accounts and contacts that stand to benefit most from your solution, complete with the necessary context for precise targeting. 

Relevvo's AI engine engages in comprehensive tracking of your buyers' online activities, meticulously noting SEC filings, job postings, social media updates, and more. This data-gathering approach guarantees that your efforts remain focused on buyers with the highest current pipeline value. By building relevant context around pains, needs, and initiatives signals, Relevvo enhances Sales and Marketing communications. Furthermore, Relevvo’s continuous monitoring of attributes impacting your pipeline facilitates the ongoing refinement of your Active ICP, personas, and messaging, thereby constantly enhancing your sales and marketing effectiveness.

Pricing: Get a demo to view Relevvo’s pricing plans


Are you in search of additional AI sales tools? Look no further than our software section at, where you will find a selection of 400+ highly rated tools across numerous categories. From finding new leads to nurturing existing connections and automating your outreach efforts, we have a tool to suit your needs. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your sales strategy – click here to discover the perfect tool!


In today's dynamic business landscape, harnessing the power of buyer intent data software has become a pivotal strategy for modern sales and marketing teams. These tools bring a new dimension to prospecting and engagement. By offering insights into buyer intent, they enable you to prioritize your efforts, personalize interactions, and engage with potential clients in a more meaningful and timely manner. 

With the ability to track shifts in company behavior, technology adoption, personnel changes, and more, buyer intent data tools and software empower you to make data-driven decisions that lead to more successful interactions and conversions. While these tools enhance efficiency and precision, experts emphasize the importance of balancing automated insights with human creativity and understanding to create engaging and authentic customer experiences. In this era of data-driven decision-making, buyer intent data tools have emerged as indispensable companions for businesses seeking to thrive in an increasingly competitive market!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if you want to get a discount on a software.


What are buyer intent data?

Buyer intent data refer to specific actions and behaviors exhibited by individuals and companies that indicate their interest, readiness, or intention to engage with a product or service. These signals, such as online interactions, job postings, technology usage, and content consumption, provide valuable insights into potential customers' preferences and needs, enabling businesses to tailor their marketing and sales strategies for more effective outreach and engagement.

What are the different types of buyer intent data?

The different types of buyer intent data include behavioral cues from online interactions, such as website visits and content consumption, as well as external triggers like job postings, technology usage, and news mentions. These signals offer insights into potential customers' interests, needs, and buying intent, allowing businesses to prioritize prospects, personalize outreach efforts, and engage with them in a timely and relevant manner.

What is an example of intent data?

An example of intent data or signals is when a company's recent surge in job postings for a specific technology-related position, combined with their increased website visits to relevant product pages, suggests a heightened interest in adopting that technology. This combination of signals indicates a potential buying intent, prompting a software provider to engage with the company and tailor their outreach to address the specific technology needs indicated by these signals.

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