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9 Ways to Leverage AI for Sales

Most sales processes that involve manual operations are time-consuming. You could spend days sending messages individually to hundreds or thousands of prospects on your lead list. Or you may find it challenging to analyze data and easily gain insights. In this article, you will learn about what AI in sales means and how you can leverage it for sales. You will also learn about some AI tools that can quicken your sales process and yield results.

9 Ways to Leverage AI for Sales

Most sales processes that involve manual operations are time-consuming. You could spend days sending messages individually to hundreds or thousands of prospects on your lead list. Or you may find it challenging to analyze data and easily gain insights. 

These responsibilities can wear you down quickly, especially when you have other demanding tasks. Fortunately, many artificial intelligence (AI) tools can scale your sales process and reduce your workload to increase sales. 

In this article, you will learn about what AI in sales means and how you can leverage it for sales. You will also learn about some AI tools that can quicken your sales process and yield results.

What is Artificial Intelligence in Sales?

AI in sales is the application of artificial intelligence to improve and optimize sales processes. It involves using software tools and technologies to automate repetitive tasks, analyze data, generate insights for sales teams, and make informed decisions. 

When combined with human expertise, the AI-powered tool allows you to capitalize on opportunities, close more deals, and drive revenue. 

Why Do You Need AI for Sales?

Here are four reasons why you need to leverage AI for sales:

  • Streamlined Operations: AI reduces the workflow and streamlines the operations for sales professionals. As the AI takes on time-consuming and low-value tasks, the sales team can focus on more demanding tasks that drive revenue growth. 
  • Improved Customer Service: AI analyzes your prospects’ behavior to identify their pain points and needs. With this information, your sales reps can tailor solutions to meet these needs and deliver great customer service.
  • Real-Time Data Analysis: AI analyzes sales calls and emails, summarizes key topics, and identifies patterns and trends to provide sales reps with useful insights. With these insights, you can make informed decisions that boost profitability for the business.
  • Competitive Advantage: Thanks to AI in sales, you gain access to intelligence that gives you a competitive edge. This advantage sets your company apart from others, achieves superior margins, and elevates your sales team’s performance

9 Ways Your Sales Team Can Leverage AI

Now that you know why you need AI for sales, here are nine ways your team can leverage AI for various sales processes.

1. Send Personalized Video Messages

“Personalized videos send a message that a brand values your individuality.” – Bill Haley, an Award-Winning Producer, Allied Pixel.

A personalized video message is a game changer in sales. Rather than a generic video message that lacks a human touch, a personalized video message speaks directly to your prospect’s needs, interests, or challenges.

Research reveals that personalized videos increase engagement by 93%. It adds a personal touch that makes your prospects feel heard, seen and understood. However, creating personalized video messages individually can be time-consuming. 

How many videos will you send if you have hundreds or thousands of prospects on your lead list? This is why you need AI to speed up the process. With AI, you can create tons of personalized video messages that speak to your prospects on a personal level and address their needs. 

Sendspark — AI for Personalized Videos

Source: Sendspark

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Sendspark is a sales-focused video messaging software that uses AI to generate tons of videos at scale. A unique advantage of this AI-powered tool is how it creates personalized videos at scale to accelerate your sales pipeline. 

To start with this tool, you must first record a video of yourself. Then, its AI algorithm will dynamically change your voice to create hundreds of videos that fit your prospect’s needs. 

For instance, the tool can generate a personalized video message that warms up leads through cold emails, generates qualified leads, follows up after meetings, re-engages accounts, and maintains relationships. You can also book meetings, close deals, and enhance your sales process. 

2. Take meeting notes and draft follow-ups 

If your sales call lasts for hours, you can’t remember everything you talked about during that time. This is why meeting notes are important.

These notes contain vital information about your prospects and help tailor your services accordingly.

However, taking these notes manually is a time-consuming process. This is where you can leverage AI to quicken the process. 

Some AI-powered tools analyze sales calls and take organized notes to identify key points. These note-taking software also draft follow-up emails based on the meeting and point out conversation starters for your next discourse. 

Here is an example of an AI-powered note-taking tool to use during your sales calls. 

Attention — AI for Taking Meeting Notes and Drafting Follow-Ups

Source: Attention

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Attention is an AI-powered assistant that takes notes, drafts follow-up emails, and delivers real-time coaching to its users. Here are some key features that make the tool a valuable asset for the sales team:

Recording and Analysis of Sales Calls to Generate Insights

Attention records and analyzes sales calls to generate accurate insights about your prospects.

Rather than spending several minutes or hours to figure out what happened in a sales meeting, the tool compresses weeks of work to generate insights in a few minutes. These insights are backed by customer quotes and deliver real-time actionable intelligence for sales reps. 

They can identify your prospect’s pain points and devise solutions to create positive experiences and ensure customer satisfaction. Plus, the AI tool saves time and enables them to focus on other activities.

Draft follow-up emails

While it’s essential to gain valuable insights during sales calls, you should also consider enhancing relationships with your prospects. Attention achieves this goal by drafting follow-up emails based on the sales conversation. 

It creates compelling emails that align with your customers’ voices and resonate with their needs. These processes enhance customer relationships, build trust, and increase the likelihood of closing a deal. 

Measures Performance

Attention records your sales team’s conversations and shows them a comprehensive understanding of how the calls went. It tracks their performance, conducts A/B testing, and suggests improvements.


Attention also integrates with various tools for its users. These tools include customer relationship management software (HubSpot and Salesforce), video conferencing tools (Zoom, Meets, or Teams), email providers (Gmail, and Outlook), and more. 

3. Create Sales Copy 

Sales copies are the backbone of any marketing and sales activities. It’s what gets people interested in what you’re selling and persuades them to take a specific action. 

Whether it’s to buy a product, try out a particular service, or join an email list, sales copies are highly persuasive and compelling in this aspect. 

However, if you intend to generate hundreds of copies at scale for your lead list, you can use an AI-powered sales copywriting tool like Twain to achieve this goal. 

Twain — AI for Creating Sales Copies

Source: Twain

Rating: N/A

Twain is an AI-powered sales copywriting tool that drafts attention-grabbing outreach messages to persuade your audience to take your desired action. The  AI copywriting tool tailors each copy for two platforms—email and LinkedIn. It also allows users to create their copies based on criteria like: 

  • Use case: introduction, follow-up, proposal, and more
  • Goal of your message: Book a call, create interest, and more
  • The tone of the message: informal, creative, bold, and more
  • A description of your ideal customer profile
  • A description of the problems you solve
  • A description of the solutions you offer

Below is an example of Twain in action. 

Source: Twain

4. Send Email warmups

Email warmups are crucial parts of any sales campaign. Thanks to email warming, you’re signaling to your ISPs that you’re a credible sender. This process builds a positive domain reputation and enables your emails to stay out of the spam folder. 

However, sending email warmups individually can be quite stressful. But with an AI-powered tool, you can send unlimited email warm-ups without having them land in the spam folder. Smartlead is an example of an email warm-up tool you can use. 

Smartlead — AI for Email Warmups

Source: Smartlead

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Smartlead scales your outreach effectively with unlimited warm-ups. It automates the processes so you don’t have to send emails individually. 

With only three clicks, you can access a warmup infrastructure that automates the sending process to save you time. The warmup tool also emulates human-like sending behaviors, utilizes custom identifier tags, and uses AI to ensure email deliverability.

Plus, the email infrastructure auto-moves your emails from the spam folders to the inbox. So, you don’t have to worry about your emails landing in spam.

5. Categorize Replies with AI

Using AI is a major way to categorize the replies in your inbox. AI Reply Categorization is an incredible feature that provides insights into the underlying meaning of each reply you receive for a particular email. 

It analyzes the replies to determine the sentiment of each email and then categorizes them using a corresponding label. These categories include: 

Positive sentiment 

  • Interested — This analysis means your prospect is interested
  • Meeting requests — The prospect would like to book a meeting
  • More information — They would like to know more about your service

Neutral sentiment 

  • Not now — The prospect shows interest in your service but it’s not the right time 
  • Confused — They aren’t sure why they received the message

Negative sentiment

  • Unsubscribe — The prospect doesn’t want to receive any future campaigns
  • Not interested — They are not interested

Here is an example of a tool that can help with AI reply categorization. 

Smartlead — AI for Reply Categorization

Source: Smartlead

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Aside from email warmup, Smartlead also categorizes various email replies. The AI-powered tool describes its AI reply categorization feature as “Lead Categorization.” 

This feature analyzes each prospect’s replies and automatically categorizes them for you. The image below shows some examples of labels used to categorize your email replies. 

Source: Smartlead

6. Research your Prospects with Clay

Every salesperson needs to collect their customer data — names, work email addresses, job titles, etc. However, seeking the data one by one can waste time and result in errors. 

In a world where time is money, you can leverage artificial intelligence to scale this process faster. An AI prospect research tool automates the data collection process, preventing you from engaging in repetitive tasks and saving time. This tool provides high-quality data that you can use to reach out to target accounts on your list. 

Clay is an example of an AI prospect research tool to find high-quality data quickly. 

Clay — AI for Prospect’s Research

Source: Clay

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Clay is an enrichment tool that provides data from over 50 sources such as Google, LinkedIn, Yelp, X (Twitter), GitHub, Close, and more. With the right prompts, you can scale your prospect’s research faster and receive information within seconds. 

For instance, here is an example of a prompt inputted into Clayagent. It contains instructions on how the AI tool should find the company’s pricing information and return with the lowest monthly prices.

Source: Clay

Here is the result. 

Source: Clay

Overall, Clay remains an effective data-providing tool to source your prospect’s details easily. 

7. Analyze Disc Personality 

DISC stands for Dominant, Influent, Stable, and Compliant. It’s an effective method for analyzing prospect’s behaviors. By understanding your prospect’s behavior better, you can communicate better and how to get along with them. 

To analyze the prospect’s DISC personality, you may consider leveraging AI to perform the task. Humanlinker is an effective DISC personality analyzer that you can use. 

Humanlinker — AI for DISC Personality

Source: Humanlinker

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Humanlinker is a DISC personality analysis tool that provides personality-based guidance to communicate effectively with your prospects. Here are some features that make Humanlinker stand out:

Analyze Human Behavior

Humanlinker can analyze your prospect’s personality to show their behavior, communication patterns, and decision-making tendencies. With these insights, you can craft strategies that resonate with each prospect and make data-driven decisions. 

Engage Prospects with Well-Tailored Messages

Once you have received insights about a particular prospect, you can craft a personalized message that resonates with your prospect’s needs. The tool provides real-time recommendations on phrasing, word choice, style, and tone. With these recommendations, you can craft well-tailored messages that promote customer service interactions. 


Humanlinker integrates with various platforms such as CRMs, SEPs, and data provider tools. Some examples of these tools include LinkedIn, HubSpot, Salesforce, Lemlist, Salesloft, and more. 

8. Perform Lookalike Search 

A Lookalike search is an AI-generated list of companies, similar to a specific company. These lookalike companies have certain key attributes or features that share similarities with the original company. 

If you want to find these companies, you don’t want to search for them individually. Instead, you can use AI to speed up the process by revealing the companies within seconds. 

Here is an example of a software that can perform lookalike company search. — AI for Lookalike Company Search


Rating: 4.2 out of 5’s lookalike search feature discovers various companies similar to a specific company. Its proprietary AI technology first analyzes hundreds of data about a company. Then, it utilizes this data to find more closely matched companies. 

All you need to get started is your prospect’s URL and an understanding of your ICP. You can filter the query with specific criteria to discover a more targeted search.

9. Account or Prospects Recommendations with Telescope

Your sales process isn’t complete without prospecting. It keeps your pipeline full, boosts productivity, and provides a competitive advantage. Since your sales pipeline is vital to your business’ success, it’s best advised to keep it healthy. 

A great way to find more prospects is to find a tool that recommends them. With these AI tools, you can input what you’re looking for. Then, the artificial intelligence tool utilizes the information to discover new target accounts. Here is an example of an AI sales tool that achieves this objective. 

Telescope — AI for Account Recommendations

Source: Telescope

Rating: N/A

Telescope provides you with new prospects in a few clicks. The AI tool uses natural language search to discover new prospects you can’t find elsewhere. 

All the tool needs are in your input. Then, it uses this information to generate a list of relevant lists that you can target to improve sales efforts. 

Hire ColdIQ to Leverage AI for Your Business’ Sales Processes

It’s no news that AI enhances workflow for sales teams and boosts their productivity. In Salesforce’s state of sales report, 57% of sales companies use AI to improve their internal processes and customer experiences. This is your cue to leverage AI for your sales processes. 

If you’re unable to utilize these tools or perhaps, you don’t have enough workforce to handle the sales processes, ColdIQ is available at your service. Our excellent team combines various AI tools to speed up your processes and boost your business’s sales performance. Book a strategy call with us today!

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