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Warmbox: A top-notch email warming solution

One of the main challenges of email prospecting is ensuring that your emails don't end up in the spam folder of your recipients. Even if you create a well-written and compelling email, it won't do any good if your prospect doesn't see it. An email warmup solution like Warmbox can help to solve this problem by gradually increasing your email sending volume over time.

Warmbox: a top-notch email warming solution

One of the main challenges of email prospecting is ensuring that your emails don't end up in the spam folder of your recipients. Even if you create a well-written and compelling email, it won't do any good if your prospect doesn't see it. An email warmup solution like Warmbox can help to solve this problem by gradually increasing your email sending volume over time, which can improve your deliverability and protect your sender's reputation. This can help to ensure that your emails are seen by your prospects and not marked as spam.


Warmbox is an email warmup software that helps businesses improve their email deliverability. When a new email account or domain is set up, it can take time to establish a reputation with internet service providers (ISPs). During this period, emails from the new account may be flagged as spam or sent to recipients' junk folders.

Warmbox helps to address this issue by simulating interactions between your inbox and other inboxes. Whenever your emails land in the spam folder of a recipient, the software removes them and marks the message as safe, which sends a positive signal to email platforms and increases the chances that your emails will be delivered to the primary inbox in the future.

By improving deliverability, Warmbox can help to increase your reply and conversion rates, which can ultimately lead to more money in your pocket. This is why many sales professionals leverage email warmup solutions to get the most out of their email marketing efforts.

With Warmbox, you can:

  • Effortlessly warm up your inbox from any email service provider.
  • Automatically send emails from your inbox and interact with them like perfect leads would.
  • Remove emails from the spam folder, open and bookmark them, and reply to a portion of them.
  • Generate positive interactions to enhance your email-sending reputation.
  • Facilitate natural conversations with diverse email service providers.
  • Ensure warm-up aligns with your preferences and working schedule.
  • Inspect domain settings for authentication and protection against spoofing and malicious activities.
  • Monitor sent emails, reply rates, spam scores, and warm-up schedules.

So what makes Warmbox so special?

What sets Warmbox apart is its extensive private inbox network, spanning over 35,000 inboxes from various countries. This diverse network facilitates natural conversations with different email service providers, maximizing the authenticity of your outreach efforts. Moreover, Warmbox offers flexibility like no other. With four warm-up recipes, smart rules, and customizable settings, you can tailor the warm-up process to perfectly align with your unique needs and preferences. Its ability to personalize warm-up strategies, user-friendly setup, and detailed reporting further enhance its appeal. 

Setting up Warmbox is a breeze, requiring just a few minutes to connect your inbox regardless of the email service provider you use. No technical skills are necessary, making it accessible to anyone. Once connected, the dedicated inbox dashboard provides detailed reports and analytics, empowering you to monitor your progress, track key metrics, and fine-tune your warm-up strategy for optimal results.

Warmbox goes above and beyond by providing additional tools to address deliverability concerns. With its IP and domain blacklist auditing, DNS deliverability checker, and real-time email deliverability monitoring, you can stay on top of any potential issues and ensure that your emails are reaching their intended targets.



Warmbox's pricing starts at $15 per month and is based on a subscription model. The final price is determined by the number of email accounts, with the cost decreasing as you scale up to a larger number of inboxes. This means that the more email accounts you have, the lower the price will be per account. The subscription-based pricing model means that you'll pay a recurring fee on a monthly or annual basis in exchange for access to Warmbox.


The main features of Warmbox include:

  • Quick and Easy Inbox Connection: Connect your inbox from any email provider in just minutes, with no technical skills required.
  • Human-Like Interactions with Your Emails: Warmbox automatically sends realistic emails from your inbox, removes them from spam folders, opens and bookmarks them, and even replies to some, all to boost your email-sending reputation.
  • Private Inbox Network of 35,000 Inboxes: Join a network of over 35,000 private inboxes from various email service providers and countries, allowing for natural interactions and conversations.
  • Autopilot or Customizable Warm-Up Recipes: Choose from Warmbox's recommended warm-up recipes or customize advanced options to fit your preferences, including timing, email volume, reply rates, and more.
  • Extensive Library of Natural Email Templates: Access millions of realistic email templates to create authentic conversations and maximize your email reputation.
  • Optimized Warm-Up for Timezones and Working Hours: Warmbox adjusts the warm-up process to align with your timezone and working hours for optimal results and safety.
  • Blacklist and DNS Deliverability Checker: Audit your IP and domain blacklist status, verify email authentication settings (SPF, DKIM, and DMARC), and receive shareable reports to address deliverability issues.
  • Flexible Adding of Inboxes, Team Members, and Workspaces: Easily add new inboxes, team members, or dedicated workspaces for agencies and cold outreach lead agencies directly on the Warmbox dashboard.
  • Detailed Reports and Analytics: Monitor your email deliverability results through comprehensive reports, including sent emails, reply rates, spam scores, and warm-up schedule, providing insights into your inbox reputation.


Capterra: 4.6/5 (‎310 reviews)


By exploring different email warming software, you can compare features, pricing, customer reviews, and overall performance to determine which alternative aligns best with your goals and requirements. Here are some Warmbox alternatives:

  • Warmup Inbox: If you're looking for a more affordable option, you might want to consider Warmup Inbox.
  • MailReach: This is my favourite among the email warmup solutions on the market. It offers a range of features and is well-regarded by top prospecting professionals.


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In my opinion, Warmbox is a top-notch email warmup solution that can help you improve your deliverability and protect your sender's reputation. If your main concern is making sure your emails land in your recipients' primary inboxes, Warmbox is definitely worth considering. The only potential downside is that it can get expensive if you need to warm up a large number of inboxes.

If you're looking for a more affordable solution that can handle a large volume of inboxes, I'd recommend checking out Instantly. In addition to offering a warmup feature, it also includes tools for automating your sales prospecting.

Personally, I use Mailreach for my main (most important) email address and turn to Instantly for additional inboxes that I use to scale my cold email campaigns. Ultimately, the best email warmup solution for you will depend on your specific needs and budget.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if you want to get a discount on the software.

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