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8 Best Sales Cadence Tools & Software in 2023

A sales cadence tool is a software that empowers users to establish and execute their company's predetermined sales outreach strategy. By adopting such a tool, your sales team can efficiently monitor their interactions with potential customers, track prospects' progress in the sales process, and automate certain tasks to streamline daily operations.

8 Best Sales Cadence Tools & Software in 2023


A sales cadence tool is a software that empowers users to establish and execute their company's predetermined sales outreach strategy. By adopting such a tool, your sales team can efficiently monitor their interactions with potential customers, track prospects' progress in the sales process, and automate certain tasks to streamline daily operations.


A sales cadence tool is like a helper that can organize your sales team's outreach efforts. It keeps track of how many times your team contacted a potential customer, what method they used, and when was the last communication made. This tool also helps in improving the sales process, making it more effective and efficient. When your sales team has a structured system to follow, they will be more productive and motivated because they know what to do next and can earn more sales consistently.



SmartLead is a powerful tool designed to help businesses effectively scale their cold emailing efforts. With unlimited mailboxes and AI-powered warmups, SmartLead ensures that your emails always land in your leads' inboxes, increasing the chances of receiving a reply. The tool allows you to use unlimited auto-rotating email accounts and AI-optimized sending, which helps boost reply rates. The centralised master inbox enables you to access all your leads in one place, ensuring that you never lose another conversation. SmartLead's key features include unlimited rotating emails, dynamic IP addresses per campaign, spintax, email warmup, email personalization, custom CRM, and email validation. These features work together to provide businesses with a comprehensive solution to their cold emailing needs.

Pricing: SmartLead starts at ‍$33 per month

Rating: SmartLead is rated 4.9 /5 on G2 (24 reviews)


Apollo is a comprehensive sales intelligence platform that provides a range of tools to assist with prospecting, engagement, and revenue generation. Sellers and marketers primarily use the platform to locate potential customers, connect with contacts, and establish a modern go-to-market strategy.

With over 260 million contacts and 60 million companies in its B2B database, Apollo offers a vast and accurate data source. Teams can easily leverage the platform's Engagement Suite to scale outbound activity and sequences. Additionally, Apollo's Intelligence Engine provides recommendations and analytics to enhance go-to-market processes and improve closing rates.

Apollo recently launched an AI assistant that sits on their existing data. 

Apollo AI is in beta mode, but you can sign up for early access.

Pricing: Apollo starts at $39 per user per month

Rating: Apollo is rated 4.8/5 on G2 (4,484 reviews)


LaGrowthMachine is an excellent tool that has enabled us to automate our outbound marketing efforts, including follow-ups. This has allowed us to concentrate on tasks that deliver high value.

LaGrowthMachine is a multi-channel prospecting platform that engages in conversations on LinkedIn, email, and Twitter. It is an ideal solution for growth teams, sales teams, and recruiters who want to scale their processes and achieve 3.5 times more replies.

Pricing:  LaGrowthMachine plans start at 220€ per month, per identity.

Rating: LaGrowthMachine is rated 4.8/5 on G2 (28 reviews)


Reply is a sales engagement platform that leverages AI technology to assist SDR teams in finding, engaging, and creating new opportunities with potential clients through various channels while maintaining a personalized approach. This platform streamlines the sales process by providing access to a free database of over 140 million contacts, enabling the creation of targeted prospect lists and booking calls all within the platform, which can save up to 40% of an SDR team's time. Additionally, Reply offers a robust reporting system that tracks team members' activities and logs them into your CRM through integrations with a rich API of over 40 methods or Zapier. The platform provides in-depth analytics dashboards to help businesses monitor their team's performance effectively.

Pricing: Reply starts at $60 per user, per month

Rating: Reply is rated 4.6 /5 on G2 (1,063 reviews)


Instantly is an email tool that utilizes AI technology and is specifically designed for cold emailers, created by cold emailers. Unlike other email tools that charge per email account, Instantly offers unlimited email accounts for your subscription. Its key feature is its AI-powered email warm-up, which helps improve campaign deliverability and open rates. The platform also provides a wealth of information about email outreach, including content and step-by-step tutorials to help users launch effective campaigns. Instantly is a versatile tool that can be used for every stage of a campaign, from warm-ups and personalization to analytics. Once leads are imported and settings are fine-tuned, campaigns can be run on autopilot.

Pricing: Instantly starts at $30 per month.

Rating: Instantly is rated 4.9 / 5 on G2 (92 reviews)


Woodpecker is a user-friendly cold email tool that helps B2B organizations connect with potential customers and business associates while maintaining communication. It automates email-related tasks, allowing for message personalization and custom delivery scenarios. Woodpecker also provides statistical insights on open and response rates, making it easy to optimize content for recipients. The tool provides a transparent and convenient way to manage subscriber lists.

Overall, Woodpecker is a valuable tool for supporting sales, business relations, and email marketing efforts.

Pricing: Woodpecker starts at $49 monthly per email profile

Rating: Woodpecker is rated 4.4/5 on G2 (40 reviews)


Salesloft is a sales engagement platform that enables sellers and sales teams to increase revenue by providing a unified workspace. The Modern Revenue Workspace by Salesloft is a comprehensive platform that allows sellers to manage all their digital selling tasks, interact with buyers, receive coaching and insights, and gain a clear understanding of their next steps. This platform is widely adopted by successful sales teams, including IBM, Shopify, Square, and Cisco, to drive revenue growth.

Pricing: To know the pricing of Salesloft, you need to request a demo first.

Rating: Salesloft is rated 4.5 /5 on G2  (3,446 reviews)


Amplemarket is a sales platform that enhances your sales team’s performance and increases revenue in today’s environment. It offers various features including data-native, built-in personalization, multi-channel outreach, and AI-powered tools. With Amplemarket, you can easily find data that helps close deals, 3x response rates with hyper-personalized messages, and use multiple channels for outreach such as email, phone, and LinkedIn. The platform’s AI-powered tools allow your sales representatives to focus on selling while the AI takes care of the rest.

Pricing: To know the pricing of Amplemarket, you need to request a demo first.

Rating: Amplemarket is rated 4.5 / 5 on G2  (145 reviews)


Using sales cadence tools can enhance your outreach processes and initiate more conversations with potential customers. However, before finalizing one, it's advisable to communicate with the product teams or test them using free trials. It's important to keep in mind that the tool itself doesn't guarantee results. The outcomes depend on the quality of your prospect list and the personalized outreach you conduct for each individual recipient. If these elements are well-executed, the sales cadence software you utilize can deliver positive outcomes and support you in scaling up your outreach efforts.


What is Sales Cadence Software?

Sales cadence software facilitates the execution of personalized multi-step email outreach campaigns aimed at potential customers. With this tool, you can send an initial email to a sales lead, and if they fail to respond, the software automatically sends a follow-up email to them after a few days. Employing sales cadence software is an effective approach to enhance your outbound sales outcomes. It eliminates the need to manually schedule and send emails, enabling you to initiate conversations with cold prospects even if you have other tasks at hand.

How Easy Is The Tool To Use?

It's important for your chosen sales cadence tool to not only be effective but also easy to use. If it's too complicated, your sales representatives may not utilize it, leading to a waste of company resources. To identify user-friendly tools, consider signing up for free trials, requesting demos, and checking reviews on websites such as G2 and Capterra. This approach can provide you with all the information necessary to make an informed decision.

How Do You Run a Sales Cadence?

Sales cadence tools simplify the process of creating a personalized cadence to achieve your sales goals. This involves identifying prospects, customizing your message, automating follow-ups, adding multichannel touchpoints, and converting warm leads into paying customers through lead nurturing.

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