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22 Best Sales Cadence Tools & Software in 2023

A sales cadence tool is a software or platform that automates and manages your prospect outreach in a structured manner. It allows you to create a series of predetermined actions, like emails, calls, or social media interactions, for engaging with potential customers. By automating your sales activities, you can efficiently manage your outreach efforts, maintain consistent communication, and increase the chances of converting leads into customers!‍

22 Best Sales Cadence Tools & Software in 2023


A sales cadence (also known as sales sequence) tool is a software or platform that automates and manages the process of reaching out to prospects in a structured manner. It allows you to create a series of predetermined actions, like emails, calls, or social media interactions, for engaging with potential customers. You can set specific time intervals between each action to ensure consistent follow-ups.

Sales cadence tools and software integrate with your CRM systems to track and log interactions, providing you with a centralized view of your communication history. By automating your sales activities, your sales team can efficiently manage outreach efforts, maintain consistent communication, and increase the chances of converting leads into customers!


A sales cadence tool acts as a helpful assistant for your sales team's outreach activities. It efficiently keeps track of your team's interactions with potential customers, including the frequency, method, and timing of communications. Sales cadence tools and software streamline your outreach process by automating tasks like scheduling follow-ups and sending personalized emails. They also offer personalization and analytics features, enabling your sales teams to evaluate the success of their outreach efforts. 

By implementing a structured system, sales cadence tools enhance your sales process, making it more effective and efficient. With a clear roadmap to follow, your sales team becomes more productive and motivated, leading to consistent sales growth.



Smartlead is a powerful tool designed to help you effectively scale your cold emailing efforts. Smartlead's email sender and sales cadence features empower you to convert cold emails into consistent revenue by providing unlimited mailboxes, warmups, and a multi-channel infrastructure. Smartlead allows you to use unlimited auto-rotating email accounts and AI-optimized sending, which helps boost reply rates. 

With Smartlead, you can automate your entire sales flow with actions like connection requests, follow-ups, and social media interactions. The centralized master inbox enables you to access all your leads in one place, ensuring that you never lose another conversation. 

Smartlead also includes features like dynamic IP addresses per campaign, spintax,  email personalization, custom CRM, and email validation. Overall, Smartlead allows you to leverage powerful APIs and automation to streamline your lead generation process while tracking relevant data to optimize your email sequences for improved conversions!

Pricing: Smartlead starts at ‍$39/mo

Rating: Smartlead is rated 4.9/5 on G2 (40 reviews)

2. APOLLO.IO is a comprehensive sales intelligence platform that provides a range of tools to assist with prospecting, engagement, and revenue generation. Sellers and marketers primarily use the platform to locate potential customers, connect with contacts, and establish a modern go-to-market strategy. With over 260 million contacts and 60 million companies in its B2B database, Apollo offers a vast and accurate data source. also offers powerful email sender and sales cadence features that enable you to engage prospects across multiple channels, optimize your outreach efforts, and book high-value meetings with ease.'s Sequences feature allows you to create automated, multi-step touchpoints for your sales outreach, including emails, calls, LinkedIn tasks, and more. 

With’s Dialer, you can make, receive, and record calls directly within, streamlining your calling process and logging your call data to the CRM.’s Task Manager keeps your sales representatives organized by providing a centralized hub to manage all tasks, including calls, emails, LinkedIn connections, and other essential action items. This combination of features empowers you and your sales team to be more productive, efficient, and successful in filling your pipelines with qualified opportunities!

Pricing: Apollo offers a free plan, and premium plans start at $49/mo

Rating: Apollo is rated 4.8/5 on G2 (5, 318 reviews)


‍LaGrowthMachine's email sender and sales cadence tool offer powerful automation for your email and LinkedIn outreach, allowing you to concentrate on tasks that deliver higher value. LaGrowthMachine enables you to create multichannel sequences that adjust based on prospect actions and conditions. When you don’t receive an email reply, you can automatically switch to LinkedIn or Twitter, therefore maintaining engagement and reaching more leads. Additionally, LaGrowthMachine introduces an exclusive feature of LinkedIn Voice Messages, which significantly increases your response rates!

‍LaGrowthMachine provides advanced capabilities, including a custom multichannel automation builder and smart prospecting with human-like automation. With features like importing leads from LinkedIn, automatic lead enrichment, advanced CRM synchronization, and detailed performance reporting, LaGrowthMachine offers a comprehensive solution to streamline and optimize your prospecting process. Furthermore, ‍LaGrowthMachine’s detailed analytics and reporting provide you with valuable insights to learn, iterate, and enhance your outreach efforts, ensuring better prospect engagement.

Pricing:  LaGrowthMachine offers a Free Trial, and plans start at 60€/mo

Rating: LaGrowthMachine is rated 4.9/5 on G2 (34 reviews)


Reply allows you to automate personal communication with your prospects through tailored multichannel sequences. You can engage leads with automated messaging, cloud calls, SMS, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn actions, providing a multichannel approach that increases the chances of getting a response. 

Reply offers multichannel sequences that combine emails, calls, LinkedIn actions, and more, providing a holistic approach to prospect engagement. You can create personalized emails with dynamic variables, A/B test message variations, and use LinkedIn automation for social selling. In addition to automating outbound emails, Reply also handles basic customer responses, such as sharing more information, addressing common objections, and even booking meetings. 

Prospect discovery is made easier with Reply's capability to find business emails on LinkedIn and seamlessly add them to your sequences.  Additionally, Reply integrates with various CRMs and offers detailed reports and analytics, allowing you to analyze outreach performance and make data-driven decisions. Reply provides insights into which channels work best for each specific case. Reply also offers AI email assistance to help you draft effective emails and sequence templates to increase your efficiency and consistency. 

Pricing: Reply offers a free plan, and premium plans start at $60/mo

Rating: Reply is rated 4.6 /5 on G2 (1,107 reviews)


Instantly offers a powerful email sender and sales cadence solution designed to scale your outreach campaigns with ease. Unlike other email tools that charge per email account, Instantly offers unlimited email accounts for your subscription. Along with Instantly’s warmup capabilities, you can maximize your deliverability and response rates using its Campaign Builder, which includes variables, sequences, and smart scheduling. Instantly's integration with Zapier and webhooks allows for advanced automation, streamlining the process further.

One of Instantly's features is the ability to add all sending accounts to one campaign, enabling the rotation of emails between your accounts to appear more natural and avoid spam filters. Instantly also offers Unibox, a centralized inbox management system that allows you to handle multiple inboxes simultaneously, mark leads, and book meetings.

Instantly's Campaign Analytics provides valuable insights into your campaign’s performance, allowing you to identify which strategies are successful and optimize underperforming ones. Additionally, Instantly's Cold Email Accelerator offers a wealth of resources, including over 50 documents, SOPs, 600+ cold email templates, setup guides, and step-by-step instructions to set up your effective campaigns. Instantly Cold Email Vault houses 200+ strategies and tools for your additional inspiration and success in your cold email outreach!

Pricing: Instantly starts at $37/mo

Rating: Instantly is rated 4.9 / 5 on G2 (338 reviews)


Woodpecker offers a suite of email sender and sales cadence products designed to optimize your cold email campaigns. With three custom products, including Cold Email, Sales Assistant, and Agency, you can streamline your outreach efforts and achieve higher engagement rates. Cold Email allows you to send personalized cold emails and set up automated follow-ups to increase your response rates. With features like email list verification,  warm-up and recovery option, Deliverability Monitor, Bounce Shield, A/B testing, and condition-based campaigns, you can craft effective outreach strategies.

The Sales Assistant product takes your outreach to the next level by incorporating automation and testing into the workflow. You can add LinkedIn automation steps to your campaigns and combine emails, phone calls, and LinkedIn activities to enhance engagement rates and boost deal closures. You can schedule reminders for follow-ups and set manual tasks within the campaign, streamlining the workflow and ensuring prompt actions. By utilizing micro-automations, call scheduling, SMS contact, and LinkedIn manual tasks, you can engage prospects across various channels effectively.

For agencies, Woodpecker's Agency product offers a seamless solution to manage multiple clients' cold email campaigns from a centralized panel. It provides email warm-up and recovery, email verification, and custom tracking domains. Woodpecker supports global agency settings and allows clients to add their mailboxes, simplifying collaboration and management. Moreover, the built-in mailbox audit and A/B testing capabilities enable you to optimize your copy and achieve better campaign results.

Pricing: Woodpecker offers a free trial and premium plants start at $39/mo

Rating: Woodpecker is rated 4.3/5 on G2 (41 reviews)


Salesloft's email sender and sales cadence platform enable you to elevate your performance by generating a substantial pipeline of qualified leads through its powerful analytics and A/B testing. With convenient access to relevant recordings within your workflow, Salesloft enables personalized follow-ups and in-line editing of deal stages. 

With Generative AI, you can draft attention-grabbing emails, creating a more relevant buying experience. Dynamic fields allow for personalized outbound communication at scale. Salesloft streamlines your outbound activities with automatic CRM data syncing and seamless third-party integrations. Salesloft also offers a Cadence Focus Zone for your high-volume outbound execution with flexible filtering.

Salesloft leverages AI-powered insights to condense extensive conversations into key highlights: making coaching, onboarding, and creating buyer experiences more effective and efficient! By providing transcriptions in six different languages, you gain the ability to attentively listen to customers and uphold deal momentum with continuous access to all buyer conversations across the complete revenue cycle. Accessing the Salesloft platform from your preferred web browser, including mobile devices, allows you to work remotely from anywhere. 

Pricing: To know the pricing of Salesloft, you need to request a demo first.

Rating: Salesloft is rated 4.5 /5 on G2  (3,691 reviews)


Amplemarket offers various features including data-native, built-in personalization, multi-channel outreach, and AI-powered tools. With Amplemarket, you can easily find data that helps close deals and triple your response rates with hyper-personalized messages, and multi-channel sequences, allowing you to connect with prospects through email, social, and call touch-points, maximizing your selling opportunities.

Amplemarket provides in-depth insights into your outreach performance, including detailed metrics, segment metrics, and team performance monitoring. By using Amplemarket's AI-powered email analysis and lead follow-up workflows, you can prioritize your best leads, automate typical responses, and gain actionable insights for more informed outbound strategies. 

Amplemarket's  AI-powered tools enable you to focus on selling while the AI takes care of tasks such as uncovering insights from sales data and optimizing email deliverability. Amplemarket streamlines and enhances your sales process, helping you and your sales team scale your multichannel approach and drive more conversions!

Pricing: To know the pricing of Amplemarket, you need to request a demo first.

Rating: Amplemarket is rated 4.5/5 on G2 (150 reviews)


Emelia offers a range of sales cadence features designed to enhance your efficiency and improve your email deliverability. With Emelia, you can design variables within email phrases to avoid spam filters. You can also test different sentences through A/B testing and optimize your conversions. Emelia also has this Mail +x minutes feature which allows you to automatically schedule and send follow-up emails to your leads after a specified time delay, helping you to maintain engagement and prompt responses from recipients.

Emelia's interface is intuitively designed for easy use, and it is fully responsive which allows you to access and manage campaigns on the go. Tracked email replies provide you with a quick overview of responses; it helps you identify the most promising leads. Emelia also integrates seamlessly with popular automation tools like Zapier, N8N, Integromat, and Make, saving marketers valuable time and streamlining their workflows. Emelia’s intuitive interface ensures a seamless experience, while the detailed analytics provide valuable insights to enhance your email campaigns.

Pricing: Emelia's pricing varies based on the number of email addresses you want to connect. Monthly prices range from $20.00/address for 1 email address to as low as $8.99/address for 101+ emails.  You can also try Emelia for free first.

10. LUNA

Luna leverages AI technology to provide you a daily supply of high-quality leads and craft customized emails that align with your target audience and desired tone of voice. By training Luna with relevant information about your company, Luna absorbs the details and becomes like an autonomous team member, handling outbound messaging on your behalf! Luna's capabilities grow over time, offering scalable solutions to amplify your sales efforts and drive success.

Luna also provides access to a vast database of over 250 million updated contacts, and with continuous feedback, lead suggestions improve over time, benefiting from the neural network effect. By analyzing the prospect's website and social profiles, Luna enables personalized outreach that resonates with each of your recipients. By leveraging the power of AI and evaluating a large volume of sales emails monthly, Luna offers insights on what approaches work best for you to achieve optimal results!

Pricing: Luna offers a free plan. Premium plans start at $100/mo.

Rating: Luna is rated 4.7/5 on Capterra (23 reviews)


Super Send offers a comprehensive suite of features for automating cold outreach across multiple channels, including email, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Super Send provides email automation which allows you to send emails using your real email address and automate follow-ups based on recipients’ responses. You can also leverage Twitter automation to follow and message prospects on Twitter, expanding your reach and effectiveness. 

Super Send's inbox rotation feature enables you to send campaigns from multiple email addresses, increasing your sending volume. Additionally, it supports A/B testing for subject lines and messages. With robust reporting, you can track important metrics such as delivery rates, bounces, open rates, click rates, and more for each step in your sequence. 

Super Send also offers personalized image creation, dynamic message support through liquid syntax, Slack notifications on replies, lead enrichment to find relevant contact information, and one-liners for generating personalized intro lines. The Super Send's advanced filtering and querying capabilities allow you to drill down into specific actions taken by recipients, and its GPT-3 AI Writer can assist in rewriting subject lines and emails for extra creativity. With Super Send, you can create complex sequences using a combination of Twitter and email, manage multiple email accounts, and monitor campaign performance from a centralized dashboard.

Pricing:  Super Send starts at $20/mo

Rating: Super Send is rated 5/5 on G2 (7 reviews)

12. OUTREACH is a comprehensive sales execution platform that empowers sales teams to effectively create pipeline and close deals. One of the key features of is its sales engagement capabilities, which helps you improve your prospecting effectiveness and lead follow-up efficiency. By leveraging high-impact sequences and playbooks, you can efficiently create new pipeline and convert it into revenue. simplifies and automates prospecting workflows, generating high-quality pipeline that converts. Templates, snippets, tasks, and account-based workflows facilitate responses and enable you to engage with prospects throughout their buying journey. Additionally, automatically pauses sequences for contacts who are out of the office, ensuring that messages are delivered at the right time. offers advanced sequence capabilities, allowing you to manage multiple stakeholders within the same sequence and consolidate responses into a single thread.  also offers sentiment insights, integrated call and meeting scheduling, A/B testing, and robust analytics to optimize customer touchpoints, identify best practices, and provide valuable team insights.

Pricing: You have to submit a request to to view their pricing plans

Rating: is rated 4.3/5 on G2 (3,174 reviews)


Lemlist is an innovative email sender and sales cadence tool that offers a wide range of features to elevate your outreach campaigns. Lemlist supports a variety of actions, such as adding custom automated steps to your campaigns, integrating with popular CRM systems, and even triggering physical mailing or LinkedIn vocals. These capabilities allow you to create complex sequences that suit your specific outreach goals and automate various tasks to streamline your workflow.

Lemlist also offers features such as sentiment analysis, calls, meetings, email signature customization, email A/B testing, email warmer, and robust analytics. These features provide valuable insights into your campaign performance, help you optimize your engagement strategies, and empower you to make data-driven decisions that drive better results.

Pricing: Lemlist starts at $59/mo

Rating: Lemlist is rated 4.1/5 on G2 (130 reviews)


Mailshake offers email sender and sales cadence features that automate and streamline your lead generation efforts. With Mailshake, you can connect with a large number of prospects simultaneously through personalized messages delivered via email, social media, and phone.  Mailshake allows you to create sequences of personalized outreach emails and LinkedIn messages using pre-made templates. These sequences can be scheduled to auto-send at specific intervals, ensuring consistent engagement with your prospects. 

Mailshake provides you valuable insights by tracking email opens and link clicks, enabling you to identify interested prospects. If a recipient replies, the automated messages are paused, allowing you to continue the conversation directly within Mailshake or your CRM. 

When it comes to balancing quantity and quality, Mailshake offers the flexibility to customize your approach. Depending on your target market and objectives, you can prioritize efficiency while maintaining a level of personalization. By segmenting your leads into tiers, you can allocate resources accordingly. Tier one may consist of the highest-priority prospects, where you can invest more time in crafting personalized messages. Tier two can involve a mix of personalization and automation and tier three may encompass prospects where automation takes precedence to maximize outreach efficiency.

Pricing: Mailshake starts at $58/mo

Rating: Mailshake is rated 4.7/5 on G2 (230 reviews)


Klenty's AI Cadences feature revolutionizes the sales messaging process by automating and streamlining various communication channels, such as emails, call scripts, LinkedIn messages, and texts. With 14 different sales use cases to choose from, Klenty caters to diverse sales scenarios. By selecting your desired use case, Klenty's AI quickly develops a comprehensive sales outreach strategy, leveraging your company's information, products or services, and problem-solving capabilities. Klenty also evaluates the effectiveness of your email, providing suggestions and edits based on factors like question count, email length, and word usage.

Klenty enables the creation of multi-channel cadences; you can customize your outreach with attachments, images, and placeholders in emails. Klenty also offers flexibility in setting up delays between steps and you can add as many steps as you need to create a comprehensive cadence. With call management features, including call placement, conversation recording, and call outcome tracking, Klenty empowers you to manage your calling activities effectively. LinkedIn tasks can also be seamlessly executed using Klenty's LinkedIn plugin, simplifying your message sending and engagement tracking.

Moreover, Klenty's Playbooks feature automates prospect movement between cadences based on triggers and actions. By defining personalized follow-up strategies for each prospect, based on their engagement, you can maximize their outreach effectiveness. Klenty’s analytics capabilities provide reports on cadence performance and templates, allowing you to analyze your step-by-step performance, conduct A/B tests, and export data in CSV format.

Pricing: You can try Klenty for free and premium plans start at $60/mo (billed quarterly)

Rating: Klenty is rated 4.6/5 on G2 (308 reviews)

16. SNOV.IO automates your process of sending personalized emails at the right time, and it offers alternative email flows based on your recipient's behavior. This ensures scalable outreach, improves your engagement, and increases your chances of booking meetings and receiving replies. provides you with a built-in sales CRM to manage the influx of meetings, replies, and interested leads. You can create pipelines that reflect your sales process, collaborate with your team on closing deals, and monitor revenue all within the platform.'s automated email drip campaigns further enhance your conversion rates and average order value. By enabling personalized campaigns with unlimited follow-ups, you can nurture leads and automate the email communication process. The platform allows you to set up email sequences and schedule them at the perfect time–ensuring regular touchpoints with prospects and timely follow-ups based on recipient engagement.

In addition, provides in-depth campaign analytics to track key metrics such as open rates, click rates, reply rates, and bounce rates. These insights enable you to evaluate the performance of your email campaigns, identify areas for improvement, and refine your strategies accordingly. also offers supplementary tools like Email Warm-up, an email verifier, and an email finder, further enhancing your email outreach efficiency and effectiveness.

Pricing: offers a trial plan and premium plans start at $39/mo

Rating: is rated 4.5/5 on G2 (265 reviews)


QuickMail is a cold outreach solution designed to empower teams and marketers with efficient engagement strategies to close deals effectively. Quickmail focuses on advanced metrics and superior deliverability so you can achieve higher response rates while avoiding spam complaints. By providing comprehensive campaign data and insights, QuickMail enables you to make data-driven decisions to enhance your outreach efforts.

One of QuickMail's features is its persistence in follow-ups. Even when you are unavailable, QuickMail continues to engage with your prospects until a valid reply is received, increasing the chances of conversion. Quickmail also offers a centralized hub for managing sales conversations, allowing you to handle all replies within the platform and streamline communication processes.

Automation plays a key role in QuickMail, allowing you to automate various manual tasks such as prospect import, follow-ups, email verification, and CRM integrations. This frees up time for you to focus on crafting compelling messages and engaging with prospects. QuickMail also simplifies A/B testing, enabling you to make iterative changes, gather statistics, and optimize your campaigns without the need for setting up entirely new campaigns.

Pricing: QuickMail starts at $49/mo

Rating: QuickMail is rated 4.6/5 on G2 (78 reviews)


Mixmax allows you to create personalized sequences incorporating email, phone, and LinkedIn touchpoints directly from the Gmail compose window, streamlining your outreach process. Mixmax offers you engaging features like one-click polls to encourage quick responses from prospects and customers.

With Mixmax, you can easily insert meeting availability directly into emails, eliminating the need for back-and-forth communication. Mixmax provides valuable insights into your content performance, helping you identify what resonates with your audience and what drives results. Robust reporting capabilities track important metrics, allowing for data-driven decision-making.

Mixmax ensures timely follow-ups by alerting you to prospect or interact with customers. Mixmax facilitates collaboration through automated messages and CRM updates, enabling seamless coordination between your sales and customer success teams. From personalized sequences to scheduling, content insights, workflow automation, and comprehensive reporting, Mixmax empowers you to work smarter and achieve better results.

Pricing: Mixmax starts at $34/mo

Rating: Mixmax is rated 4.6/5 on G2 (1,230 reviews)


Outplay is a comprehensive sales platform designed to optimize high-velocity sales processes. With access to a vast database of millions of prospects, you can easily find and engage with their target audience. Outplay enables multi-channel engagement through personalized sequences, including email, calls, text, LinkedIn, and Twitter, allowing you to outreach at scale.

Inbound lead management is made simple with Outplay's embedded calendar and automated round-robin assignment. You can capture and convert leads promptly while ensuring fair distribution among team members. Action-based triggers automatically move your prospects across sequences based on their interactions, enabling targeted and timely communication.

Outplay provides in-depth reports to analyze the performance of your sequences, salespeople, and teams. With these insights, you can replicate successful strategies and improve areas that need optimization. 

You can streamline your processes by integrating with popular CRM systems like HubSpot and Pipedrive, automating the addition of prospects who submit forms into appropriate sequences. Outplay’s Dynamic Sequences enable automatic lead movement between sequences based on prospect engagement, ensuring personalized outreach throughout your buyer's journey. Outplay’s real-time email tracking and comprehensive reporting capabilities further enhance user visibility and enable you to make data-driven decisions!

Pricing: Outplay offers a free plan and free trials. Premium plans start at $99/mo

Rating: Outplay is rated 4.5/5 on G2 (241 reviews)


Meet Alfred is an outreach automation platform that enables B2B companies to initiate conversations with their ideal clients at scale. By integrating with various channels such as LinkedIn, email, and Twitter, you can choose the channels that align with your outreach strategy. Alfred's campaign builder simplifies your creation of multi-messaging campaign sequences that sound authentic and natural. You can launch campaigns and receive real-time insights to optimize your performance. Meet Alfred offers flexibility by enabling you to pause, edit, or add more leads to a campaign at any time. When a recipient replies, Alfred automatically stops sending messages, enabling you to continue the conversation personally.

Meet Alfred supports team collaboration by allowing multiple team members to onboard, assign roles and responsibilities, and manage campaigns from a centralized control panel. Meet Alfred provides comprehensive data and analytics to measure your campaign performance, allowing you to make real-time adjustments and refine your outreach strategy. Meet Alfred aims to enhance outreach campaigns and optimize efforts across multiple channels, driving better results and improving the customer experience. 

With multi-channel prospecting sequences, you can run effective campaigns across LinkedIn, email, and Twitter, maximizing lead generation and meaningful connections.

Pricing: Meet Alfred offers a free trial and premium plans start at $39/mo

Rating: Meet Alfred is rated 2.8/5 on Capterra (11 reviews)

21. BUZZ AI is an all-in-one sales engagement platform that simplifies the email sending and sales cadence processes for revenue teams. With features like social outreach automation, integration with email providers, real-time data enrichment, and pipeline management, helps you engage more prospects and close deals efficiently. allows you to manage and automate your social outreach within the platform itself so you won’t need to switch between different tools, making it easier to reach ideal clients and achieve higher response rates. Additionally, integrates seamlessly with existing email providers, enabling you to automate, manage, and A/B test your email outreach strategies. supports synchronized multi-channel campaigns, allowing you to engage prospects through both social and email channels for increased visibility. streamlines your pipeline management through customizable pipelines and CRM integration, facilitating a seamless transition from cold leads to closed deals. You can also make data-driven decisions and optimize its sales objectives with’s detailed reports and metrics.’s smart sequencing analyzes recipient actions to optimize your email campaigns, while its real-time reporting provides insights into key email metrics for campaign improvement. Additionally, provides email warming and real-time data enrichment capabilities.

Pricing: starts at $95/mo

Rating: is rated 4.8/5 on G2 (89 reviews)


PipeGen is a comprehensive sales tool that simplifies your prospecting and outreach process, enabling you to find your ideal prospects and close more deals through multi-touch sales. PipeGen enables outreach across various channels, including email, LinkedIn, phone calls, and handwritten letters, fostering real conversations and increasing the chances of securing meetings and generating revenue.

PipeGen offers several features to enhance sales cadence and streamline operations. These features include a VoIP Dialer, which enables you to increase your team's dialing rates fourfold. You can also automate your email and LinkedIn outreach, allowing PipeGen to send automated connection requests and emails. PipeGen provides a scheduling tool that syncs with multiple client calendars, facilitating real-time availability when you schedule meetings. With PipeGen, you can validate phone numbers to ensure accurate dialing lists and increase the chances of your prospects answering.

PipeGen's functionality extends to data management, client reporting, and scheduling, streamlining sales agency operations. Overall, PipeGen empowers you to find the best direct dials and email addresses, manage multiple organizations from a single login, optimize campaigns with transparent client reports, and schedule meetings on behalf of clients' sales teams. 

Pricing: Schedule a demo to view PipeGen’s pricing plans

Rating: PipeGen is rated 4.2/5 on G2 (3 reviews)


Using sales cadence tools can enhance your outreach processes and initiate more conversations with potential customers. These tools provide automation capabilities, multi-channel outreach options, personalized messaging, and detailed analytics to optimize your sales cadence and increase your efficiency. Before subscribing to premium plans, I advise  testing them through free trials to assess their suitability and alignment with your sales objectives 

It's important to remember that while sales cadence tools can be powerful, they are only as effective as the quality of your prospect list and the personalized outreach you conduct for each individual recipient. The tool itself doesn't guarantee results; it is the execution of your outreach strategy that will ultimately determine success. By leveraging the advanced features and insights provided by sales cadence tools and combining them with well-executed prospecting and personalized outreach, you can increase your chances of achieving positive outcomes and scaling up your outreach efforts!


What is Sales Cadence Software?

Sales cadence software facilitates the execution of personalized multi-step email outreach campaigns aimed at potential customers. With this tool, you can send an initial email to a sales lead, and if they fail to respond, the software automatically sends a follow-up email to them after a few days. Employing sales cadence software is an effective approach to enhance your outbound sales outcomes. It eliminates the need to manually schedule and send emails, enabling you to initiate conversations with cold prospects even if you have other tasks at hand.

How Easy Is The Tool To Use?

It's important for your chosen sales cadence tool to not only be effective but also easy to use. If it's too complicated, your sales representatives may not utilize it, leading to a waste of company resources. To identify user-friendly tools, consider signing up for free trials, requesting demos, and checking reviews on websites such as G2 and Capterra. This approach can provide you with all the information necessary to make an informed decision.

How Do You Run a Sales Cadence?

Sales cadence tools simplify the process of creating a personalized cadence to achieve your sales goals. This involves identifying prospects, customizing your message, automating follow-ups, adding multichannel touchpoints, and converting warm leads into paying customers through lead nurturing.

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