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Top 12 AI Data Insights Software in 2023

AI data insights refer to the valuable information and knowledge derived from analyzing vast amounts of data using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. These insights give you a deeper understanding of your customers, prospects, market trends, and overall business performance. With these tools, you can prioritize leads, optimize your marketing efforts, and coach your sales teams effectively. As technology continues to advance, embracing these tools will undoubtedly be essential for businesses striving for growth and success in the digital age.

Top 12 AI Data Insights Software in 2023 


AI data insights refer to the valuable information and knowledge derived from analyzing vast amounts of data using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. These insights give you a deeper understanding of your customers, prospects, market trends, and overall business performance. AI data insights go beyond traditional data analysis by using advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify patterns, trends, and correlations that may not be quickly apparent to humans.

In the context of sales, AI data insights can be a game-changer. They help sales teams make data-driven decisions, prioritize leads, and personalize interactions with prospects and customers. By analyzing various data sources, such as customer behavior, competitor information, social media interactions, and past sales data, AI data insights empower sales professionals with actionable recommendations and predictions to improve their performance and close more deals.


The purpose of data insights is to provide valuable and actionable information to businesses, using advanced technologies like AI and machine learning to uncover patterns and trends. This deeper understanding spans customer behavior, market trends, competitor analysis, and sales performance. 

For sales professionals, data insights enable lead prioritization, personalized interactions, and optimized sales strategies, leading to higher conversions and increased revenue. The goal is to empower sales teams with knowledge and tools for smarter decision-making, improved efficiency, and better results in their sales efforts. Let’s explore the top tools for data insights below!

Best AI Data Insights Software in 2023


Humanlinker's AI Data Insights features a 360° view of your most important accounts and prospects, offering vital information to build trusted relationships and create value for your potential customers. Humanlinker enables you to access comprehensive company profiles, up-to-date news, GDPR-compliant email addresses, phone numbers, and direct links to social media, along with professional experiences and common connections, all from a single user-friendly B2B data platform. Humanlinker employs AI technology to crawl multiple sources, including social news, interviews, and podcast appearances, to extract relevant content and keep you updated with automatic alerts, ensuring you never miss critical information.

With Humanlinker's personality-based guidance, you can create a personalized approach for every email, call, and meeting, tailoring your behavior to your target prospects based on the DISC Method. The DISC model identifies four personality types - Dominant, Influential, Stable, and Conscientious - and guides you on the best way to approach and engage with each prospect. This personalized approach helps you understand your prospects before you sell, enabling you to overachieve your quota, prepare for meetings, and prospect effectively via Email, LinkedIn, and Phone. With Humanlinker's advanced AI Data Insights, you can optimize your sales strategies and build strong, meaningful connections with potential customers.

Pricing: Humanlinker offers a free plan, and premium plans start at 29€/month

Rating: Humanlinker is rated 4/5 on G2 (1 review)


Crystal's AI Data Insights features offer valuable personality-based guidance for your sales interactions, empowering you to adapt your communication styles to different types of buyers. Using the DISC personality framework, Crystal reveals the personality of any B2B prospect, providing real-time suggestions for tailoring emails and messages to match their natural style. This adaptive selling approach is crucial for successful sales performance, allowing you to build trust and negotiate effectively with prospects.

During prospecting, Crystal analyzes publicly available information to predict a prospect's personality type and offers guidance on how to communicate with them effectively. In the outreach stage, Crystal provides you with real-time guidance on email style and tone for personalized communication. For critical moments like pitches or negotiations, personality insights help you identify focus areas with qualified prospects. Crystal also aids in navigating conversations during deal closures, offering tips to create urgency and drive deals forward.

Additionally, Crystal's Playbooks feature provides pre-made or custom playbook options, helping you streamline your approach with specific insights in the right order. Crystal also enriches your CRM contacts with accurate personality insights, allowing you to segment by personality and create personalized email templates.

Pricing: Crystal offers a free plan, and premium plans start at $49/mo

Rating: Crystal is rated 4.6/5 on G2 (75 reviews)


Humantic is a Buyer Intelligence platform designed for revenue teams, providing essential AI Data Insights to enhance sales and customer interactions. Humantic offers personality insights through assessments like Big 5 (OCEAN) assessment, DISC personality profiles, etc. With Humantic's Personality AI, you can instantly transform prospects' LinkedIn pages into accurate personality profiles, enabling you to personalize your sales communications with the help of Humantic’s Personality AI Assistant, which combines Personality AI and GPT-3 capabilities. 

Moreover, Humantic offers 1-click personalization, allowing you to convert generic sales emails into personalized versions tailored to each buyer's unique preferences. Humantic facilitates early adopter identification by analyzing past wins/losses or engagement data, helping you refine Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Buyer personas. Humantic's automated enrichment integrates with CRMs like Salesforce and engagement solutions like Outreach, allowing buyer data to be used for your one-to-one interactions or one-to-many cadences. 

Pricing: Humantic offers a free trial and premium plans start at $16/mo

Rating: Humantic is rated 4.8/5 on G2 (82 reviews)


MeetGeek's empowers you to uncover weaknesses in your meetings and transform them into strengths. By analyzing multiple indicators such as sentiment, participant involvement, talk rate, punctuality, and over 40 other KPIs, MeetGeek provides valuable insights to understand where your meetings may be lacking. You can then take immediate action to improve meeting effectiveness.

With MeetGeek, you can easily access insights into key topics discussed during each call and measure participants' reactions. This allows for a deeper understanding of which topics and keywords appear more frequently in conversations. MeetGeek enables you to view insights for individual meetings or visualize aggregated statistics at the individual, team, or company level.

With historical analysis, MeetGeek also allows tracking performance over time, ensuring that new and effective habits are adopted within your team!
Pricing: MeetGeek offers a free plan, and premium plans start at $19/mo

Rating: MeetGeek is rated 4.6/5 on G2 (161 reviews)


Simpleem's AI Data Insights features provide a comprehensive understanding of customer interactions and the likelihood of closing deals. Simpleem's AI system correlates behavior with results, allowing you to determine customer reactions and deal outcomes. 

Through deep analysis, Simpleem helps you establish ideal emotional connections with customers. SImpleem's interaction-based system uses speech and audio-visual data to identify your prospect’s emotional state, enabling you to react appropriately and build rapport. Additionally, Simpleem's AI-models detect all behavioral signals, including non-obvious client pains and barriers to product usage, allowing you to evaluate client satisfaction objectively.

Pricing: To view Simpleem’s pricing, you may join their waitlist and get a 50% discount 

Rating: Simpleem is rated 5/5 on G2 (3 reviews)


Clearbit's AI Data Insights features provide comprehensive and standardized data sets by gathering public data from the web, proprietary data, and utilizing the power of LLMs (Language Model Models). With real-time lead scoring and routing capabilities, Clearbit allows you to identify high-fit leads instantly.

Clearbit offers industry information with granular categorization, including 6-digit NAICS, GICS, and SIC codes, as well as insights into corporate hierarchies to understand parent companies and subsidiaries. Clearbit also normalizes role and seniority data, converting titles into a standardized set of roles and seniorities that align with your Ideal Customer Profile.

With Clearbit, you can gain valuable insights from qualified website visitors and understand how your target market engages with your business and identify which of your sales and marketing efforts are most effective. By knowing when ideal customers are on your site, you can trigger instant sales alerts and workflows, prioritize high-value accounts, and engage with prospects through smart chat. Additionally, Clearbit links IP addresses with specific companies and their firmographics and technographics, providing deep insights into web traffic and helping you understand who is engaging with their site and how.

Pricing: Clearbit offers a free account. To view their pricing, request a free data test

Rating: Clearbit is rated 4.4/5 on G2 (595 reviews)


Autobound integrates various data points, such as news about the prospect, their use of competitors, shared experiences, recent job changes, work anniversaries, customer win stories, and relevant market trends to craft personalized sales emails and research prospects.

Autobound's AI scans through millions of prospect insights to identify the most relevant data and incorporates it into a compelling, persona-specific message. Autobound's persona-specific messaging feature empowers you to create tailored messages for different target personas. You can define your buyer personas, apply filters based on job title, seniority, and industry, and customize messaging accordingly. Autobound also integrates relevant market trends into the messaging, aligning them with the prospect's pain points and value proposition.

Autobound analyzes LinkedIn profile information to recommend personalized openers for each of your prospects based on their profile and the your LinkedIn profile. It further helps you stay informed about your prospect's company by providing insights on job openings, work anniversaries, investors, and competitors, enabling you to forge stronger connections and showcase their commitment to personalization. Additionally, Autobound personalizes customer-win stories, showcasing the company's success in solving similar challenges and providing valuable solutions within the prospect's professional domain, further enhancing the level of personalization and rapport-building.

Pricing: Autobound offers a free plan and premium plans start at $23/mo

Rating: Autobound is rated 4.9/5 on G2 (127 reviews)

8. MOMENTUM.IO simplifies your sales process by automating the capture of important metrics and data fields in Salesforce, such as Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Criteria, Decision Process, Identified Plan, and Champion (MEDDIC). After each sales call, Momentum listens and captures relevant information related to MEDDIC fields, such as questions asked by prospects, and converts them into quantitative data instantly. This automation saves you hours of administrative work every week, allowing you to focus on discovery and building relationships with prospects.

With, your data hygiene is improved as the platform keeps Salesforce instantly updated with the captured MEDDIC fields. You can quickly fill in the required information with just a couple of clicks, ensuring accurate and updated data in your CRM. By effortlessly capturing key information from sales calls, you can build a more accurate pipeline without the need to rewatch calls or go through lengthy transcripts.

Pricing: Book a demo to view’s pricing plans

Rating: is rated 4.8/5 on G2 (17 reviews)

9. NEKTAR.AI's AI Data Insights features address revenue leaks that often stem from sales conversations and relationship data. By unifying and cleaning siloed GTM (Go-to-Market) data, enables you to discover leads, contacts, and past buyer champions that may have been missed in your CRM. also helps you recover lost relationships from past customer interactions and auto-captures data from all customer-facing teams, ensuring the right data is synced into the right opportunities without messy or duplicate information.

Through actionable revenue intelligence delivered on Slack or Microsoft Teams, provides reliable, accurate insights to foresee revenue leaks and take proactive actions to sustain your deal health and momentum. You can configure personalized insights in just minutes, align your sales and marketing teams with actionable data, and track adherence to processes. also enables you to track buyer-seller engagement and multithreading, identify key stakeholders, and optimize sales playbooks based on successful patterns in your buyer-seller interactions.

With, you gain timely relationship insights, spot reasons for winning and losing deals, and prioritize poorly multithreaded accounts.

Pricing: Request a demo to view’s pricing information

Rating: is rated 5/5 on G2 (13 reviews)

10. TOMI empowers you to generate new demand and optimize your advertising efforts based on customers' behavioral data. By predicting the revenue potential of each website visitor, groups visitors with similar value together, enabling you to focus your retargeting and look-alike audience efforts on those with high predicted value.'s predictive engine allows you to target valuable in-market audiences across Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. By leveraging predictive insights, you can retarget visitors with a high probability to buy, attract valuable prospects who are not familiar with your products yet, and grow cold-targeting audiences with a high probability to buy. 

One key advantage of's approach is its forward-looking predictions, enabling you to focus on future user value rather than analyzing past data. By using AI to create seed audiences similar to those who are currently in buying mode, you can effectively target prospects with higher conversion potential. also offers various AI models for training, allowing you to apply different models and select the one that performs best for your specific needs. 

Pricing: offers a free trial and premium plans start at $1500/mo

Rating: is rated 4.8/5 on G2 (20 reviews)


Immersa offers a powerful Data Intelligence platform that uses product data to drive sales and customer success. By combining product usage with CRM data, Immersa automatically identifies and sends qualified, actionable leads directly to your CRM, streamlining your lead generation process and maximizing your sales opportunities.

Immersa allows you to analyze customer behavior and find revenue signals within product data, providing valuable insights for your sales and service teams. Immersa has curated and combined data from various sources to optimize sales organizations, making data analysis more accessible and time-efficient.

With Immersa, you can easily build data workflows and plays, connecting various data sources without the need for SQL knowledge. Immersa proactively identifies customers ready to increase usage or move from free trials to paid subscriptions. By connecting customer behavior across digital marketing channels with product usage data, you can gain an edge in identifying sales leads and discovering growth markets. Immersa also serves as a centralized data hub, enabling you to connect to any data source, transform data, collaborate, share, and iterate on data with your business partners.

Pricing:  Immersa offers a free trial and premium plans start at $750/mo


DataAlly offers AI Data Insights that help you better understand consumer psychology. Understanding consumer psychology is made effortless with DataAlly's data scraping capabilities. Within minutes, DataAlly can gather and analyze customer reviews from various sites, identifying messaging trends and frequency rates of different review themes. This information is then compiled into a full report, complete with recommendations on how to incorporate these insights into your marketing efforts! 

With DataAlly's competitor research, you can quickly run comprehensive reports summarizing your competitors' ad messaging strategies and customer reviews. DataAlly provides recommended messaging opportunities based on the gathered data, empowering you to fine-tune your marketing campaigns for maximum impact.

DataAlly targets strategies based on audience and competitor analysis, providing data-backed recommendations that save you from compromising quality for cost. You can learn and adapt through ongoing creative tests, audience and competitor research, and user feedback, enabling DataAlly to continuously optimize your marketing strategies and deliver consistently data-driven recommendations for your brands!  

Pricing: Request early access to view DataAlly’s pricing plans


By going beyond raw data and leveraging advanced technologies like AI and machine learning, AI data insights offer a deeper understanding of customer behavior, market dynamics, and sales performance. The tools we explored, such as Humantic AI, Crystal, Clearbit, Autobound, MeetGeek, and others, exemplify the power of AI data insights in various domains. From personalizing sales communications, identifying early adopters, and building rapport with prospects to uncovering revenue signals, providing creative strategies, and improving meeting effectiveness, these tools offer a diverse range of features that cater to different business needs.

With these AI data insights tools, you can prioritize leads, optimize your marketing efforts, and coach your sales teams effectively, resulting in improved customer engagement, higher conversions, and increased revenue. As technology continues to advance, embracing these tools will undoubtedly be essential for businesses striving for growth and success in the digital age.


Why is sales intelligence important?

Sales intelligence is important because it provides valuable data-driven insights that empower sales teams to make informed decisions, prioritize leads, personalize interactions, and optimize sales strategies. By understanding customer behavior, market trends, and competitor analysis, you can tailor their approach, increase conversion rates, and drive better results in your sales efforts.

Why is it important to understand buyers?

Understanding buyers is crucial because it allows you to align your products or services with the needs, preferences, and pain points of your target audience. By gaining insights into buyers' behavior, motivations, and decision-making processes, you can create more personalized and relevant marketing and sales strategies. This understanding enables you to tailor your messaging, address specific pain points, and build stronger connections with your potential customers.

Moreover, by knowing who your target audience is and what they are looking for, you can focus your resources on the most promising leads and improve conversion rates. Ultimately, a deep understanding of buyers leads to higher customer satisfaction, increased brand loyalty, and long-term business success!

How to improve business intelligence?

To improve business intelligence, leverage AI data insights tools that can gather and analyze data from various sources, including customer interactions, product usage, and market trends. These tools provide valuable and actionable information to drive informed decision-making, optimize sales strategies, and enhance your overall performance. 

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