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Top 10 AI Sales Assistant Software in 2023 

An AI Sales Assistant is a cutting-edge technology that leverages artificial intelligence to support and enhance various aspects of the sales process. As technology continues to evolve, AI Sales Assistants are poised to play an even more significant role in the sales landscape. Their ability to provide data-driven insights, automate repetitive tasks, and enable personalized interactions ensures that AI Sales Assistants will continue to shape the future of sales and marketing, allowing you to work smarter and achieve high levels of productivity and success!

Top 10 AI Sales Assistant Software in 2023 


An AI Sales Assistant is a cutting-edge technology that leverages artificial intelligence to support and enhance various aspects of the sales process. It acts as a virtual co-pilot for sales representatives, offering valuable insights, automating repetitive tasks, and providing personalized recommendations to improve sales performance. AI Sales Assistants are designed to streamline your sales workflow, boost productivity, and ultimately drive better results for sales teams and businesses.


AI Sales Assistant software offers a multitude of compelling reasons for businesses and sales professionals to adopt its usage. Leveraging advanced AI algorithms and machine learning, AI Sales Assistants help analyze extensive data from various sources, including CRM systems, customer interactions, social media, and external databases. By doing so, they provide valuable insights into prospects, customers, and market trends, enabling sales reps to tailor their approach, improve customer understanding, and make data-driven decisions. 

Moreover, AI Sales Assistants excel in automating time-consuming tasks like data entry, prospecting, lead generation, and email follow-ups, freeing up valuable time for more high-impact tasks like building relationships and closing deals, ultimately enhancing your sales team’s efficiency and scalability.



Humanlinker acts as an exceptional AI Sales Assistant, providing a range of features to streamline your sales process and enhance your prospecting efforts. Firstly, the AI Generative Copywriting feature of Humanlinker gathers you relevant lead and company data from multiple sources, such as LinkedIn and websites, consolidating it into one convenient location. This allows you to receive tailored icebreaker recommendations for every email and phone call based on a deep context around the prospect and their company. Humanlinker's copywriter creates you engaging emails customized for each unique recipient, utilizing Account Intelligence, People Intelligence, and even DISC personality analysis to tailor your message appropriately.

By providing personality-based guidance through DISC Personality Analysis, Humanlinker provides you with a thorough understanding of your prospects' personalities so you can personalize your communication during meetings. Humanlinker also offers access to leads’ GDPR-compliant email addresses, phone numbers, and social media links, along with professional experiences and common connections. 

Humanlinker crawls multiple sources, including social news, interviews, and podcast appearances, ensuring you stay updated with automatic alerts. Lastly, with Humanlinker, you keep your CRM updated with relevant and verified information without disrupting your existing structure. Humanlinker automatically synchronizes updates from LinkedIn directly into your Salesforce or HubSpot, ensuring your CRM is always accurate and comprehensive!

Pricing: Humanlinker offers a free plan, and premium plans start at 29€/month

Rating: Humanlinker is rated 4/5 on G2 (1 review)


Clay acts as an AI Sales Assistant that transforms your sales prospecting and outreach by automating and streamlining the process. With Clay, you can automate your sales prospecting by leveraging data from over 50 built-in data providers to find your ideal customers and send personalized messages powered by AI. Whether you need job listings, tech stack details, latest news, or other data points, Clay can combine various data sources to provide you with comprehensive insights into your prospects. You can even identify specific characteristics like remote-first companies, SOC II compliance, or particular keywords mentioned on their websites.

By combining data from top providers like People Data Labs, Hunter, Nymblr, Datagma, and many more, Clay enables you to find the most emails and phone numbers for your outreach efforts. This data collection is all included within the Clay platform, making it a one-stop solution for you lead targeting. Clay also offers AI-powered hyper-personalized outreach capabilities. Using data already mapped to your Clay table, Clay writes accurate and personalized messages to potential customers at scale! 

Moreover, Clay seamlessly integrates with over 200 outbound tools, allowing you to send data back to your favorite platforms effortlessly. Say goodbye to messy CSVs and manual updates, as Clay natively connects with CRM systems, email sequencing platforms, spreadsheets, and more, ensuring your outreach process remains organized and efficient. With Clay's AI Sales Assistant features, you can enhance your prospecting and outreach, making your sales process more effective, personalized, and more successful!

Pricing: Clay offers a free trial, and premium plans start at $149/mo


Namora AI  is an AI sales assistant powered by GPT-4 designed to enhance prospecting, research, and messaging for sales representatives, SDRs, and AE's, leading to increased deal closures. The process is simple: upload a prospect list of company names and websites as a CSV to Namora AI's dashboard, and it automatically enriches your data with GPT-4 insights. This enriched sheet provides personalized AI sequences, along with additional information such as competitors, latest articles, technographics, number of employees, company contacts, descriptions, partnerships, funding, LinkedIn URLs, suppliers, customers, public financials, product pricing insights, job posts, hiring trends, org chart mapping, industries, keywords, and more.

Namora AI goes beyond the basics by offering over 200 AI-powered signals, enabling you to prioritize accounts based on momentum and events, discover GTM trends like PLG or SLG motions, track companies with churning users and sentiment analysis, identify modern teams, and segment accounts by technology adoption trends. Namora AI also provides insights into qualified accounts with estimated IT spending by function and understanding employee happiness and culture within companies. With Generative AI Messaging, fresh data updates, and custom insights and signals, Namora empowers you to make data-driven decisions, personalize interactions, and optimize your sales strategies effectively!

Pricing: Sign up to Namora AI to get limited early bird price access


Saile's AI Sales Assistant, powered by patent-pending Sailebots, is designed to supercharge your prospecting, research, and messaging efforts. These personality-driven AI Sailebots intelligently automate your entire prospecting lifecycle, from lead curation to engagement, delivering actionable revenue opportunities hands-free. 

What sets Saile AI apart is that no two Sailebots are the same–each is tailored to suit your client's approved prospect profile, without the need for data or integrations. Saile AI’s Sailebots are performance-based and complete intelligent and repeatable Digital Labor tasks on your behalf. They replace your manual tasks like reading emails, following up on referrals, scanning images, finding contacts, sending emails, and cleaning up data. 

Saile AI also offers Databot, a strategic data solution that allows you to dictate the data you need and deploy custom-built algorithms for desired your outputs. Databots by Saile AI perform various tasks, such as enriching and cleaning records, sourcing strategic contacts, or company details, all tailored to your specific data requirements.

Pricing: Book a live demo to get Saile AI’s pricing information


Managr's AI Sales Assistant is designed to optimize your sales process and help you spend more time selling. Powered by GPT-4, this intelligent assistant operates seamlessly through Slack, allowing you to interact with it directly by asking questions or delegating tasks. One of its key features is automating CRM data entry, saving you from spending countless hours on manual data entry. Managr auto-fills relevant CRM fields, ensuring your customer data is up-to-date and accurate.

Managr offers the ability to generate actionable content so you can effortlessly create the perfect follow-up email that resonates with your prospects and drives engagement. Managr also takes care of summarizing your call recordings, saving you time from replaying lengthy calls. This way, you can quickly get the important insights from your conversations without having to listen to the entire recording!

With Managr's AI Sales Assistant by your side, you can streamline your sales workflow, improve efficiency, and focus on what matters most - building meaningful connections with your prospects and closing deals.

Pricing: Managr offers a free trial, and plans start at $39/mo

Rating: Managr is rated 4.9/5 on G2 (30 reviews)


Veloxy offers a comprehensive AI Sales Assistant software designed to supercharge your sales process and help you close deals faster. This all-in-one sales software provides a range of features, including sales engagement, email marketing, artificial intelligence, sales analytics, Salesforce automation, and more–all accessible from a single platform.

With Veloxy's AI-Powered Sales Assistant, you can sell from your smartphone while the virtual assistant takes care of the heavy lifting in Salesforce. Veloxy automatically logs Salesforce activity, sends proactive calendar and inbox alerts, and even discovers potential prospects based on geolocation. Additionally, Veloxy enhances your email productivity by adding email tracking, CAN-SPAM-compliant bulk email capabilities, analytics, and seamless integration with Salesforce, all within your inbox!

Veloxy's email campaign and tracking features enable personalized email blasts and provide you insights on buyer email activity, while the Salesforce integration ensures seamless data update. Veloxy offers a full analytics and reporting dashboard, automates non-selling activities, and prevents the loss of leads and sales. Veloxy also assists you with customer interactions, addresses pain points, and conducts competitive research. Veloxy's mobile app allows you to send email campaigns and make call blitzes directly from your smartphone!

Pricing: Veloxy offers a free trial, and premium plans start at $35/mo

Rating: Veloxy is rated 4.7/5 on G2 (232 reviews)

7.  POD

Pod's AI Sales Assistant is your new copilot in managing your B2B sales pipeline effortlessly. Pod provides valuable insights on when and how to engage your stakeholders to push deals forward. Be fully prepared for meetings by accessing all the necessary information with Pod. Pod's AI summarizes knowledge about your accounts and contacts with real-time recommendations, allowing you to manage your deals more efficiently. 

With GPT-powered copy generation of Pod, you can easily create personalized emails tailored to your products and contacts. With Pod, you can automate your data entry and keep your CRM up-to-date effortlessly by learning from meetings and notes. Pod allows you to organize your sales notes, meeting debriefs, and account plans, and sync them seamlessly to Salesforce.

Pod also encourages collaboration within your sales team. Share deal progress, best practices, templates, and enablement tips within the workspace, fostering a collaborative selling environment. 

Pricing: Pod currently offering a 6-month free trial

Rating: Pod is rated 5/5 on G2 (1 review)


ChatSpot, your AI-powered sales and marketing assistant,  offers a comprehensive solution tailor-made for businesses like your by harnessing the power of ChatGPT and tapping into various unique data sources, like HubSpot CRM. The best part? It's completely free, even if you're not currently using the HubSpot CRM.

ChatSpot brings you valuable insights from diverse data sources. ChatSpot seamlessly integrates into your workflow, enhancing your everyday tasks with AI that understands your style and is tailored to your needs.ChatSpot has the ability to personalize every interaction based on your goals and preferences, once you share your objectives, ChatSpot becomes your personalized AI companion. You can utilize ChatSpot's prospecting templates to quickly identify outreach opportunities, giving you more time for selling.

With ChatSpot, you can draft blog posts, tweets, and AI-generated images using your in-house editor, streamlining your content strategy. You can also explore company data, such as funding rounds, locations, and technologies used, to gain a deeper understanding of your prospects. As a CRM assistant, ChatSpot streamlines your tasks, allowing you to add contacts, create notes, tasks, and more using natural language. If you are a HubSpot user, you can benefit from ChatSpot's pro tips, making the user-friendly CRM even more accessible and efficient.


Attention's AI Sales Assistant offers effortless CRM hygiene and one-click CRM updates. With AI-generated email follow-ups after each call, you can focus on selling, thanks to real-time coaching intelligence provided by Attention. The AI capabilities of Attention understand conversations and sales methodologies, automatically filling up your CRM fields with crucial information.

Attention offers real-time intelligence and real-time coaching, guiding you during calls for faster onboarding and improved performance. With Attention's AI capabilities, you can craft personalized emails and automate follow-up emails that understand conversations. 

Attention also offers AI tools that can record team conversations and performance, providing detailed insights into your individual sales reps' improvements over the weeks. By measuring progress, you can identify strengths and areas for development, ensuring continuous improvement within your sales team.

Pricing: Sign up to viiew Attention’s pricing information

Rating: Attention is rated 5/5 on G2 (6 reviews)


WINN.AI is your new AI sales assistant designed to revolutionize your sales process. With WINN.AI, taking notes and updating your CRM becomes a thing of the past as it joins you in virtual meetings, allowing you to focus on your customers without the distraction of typing and taking notes. WINN.AI offers intelligent meeting tracking, automatically capturing data and updating your CRM seamlessly. With just one click, WINN.AI comprehends and captures your prospects' answers, effortlessly importing the information to Salesforce or HubSpot. As a result, your CRM stays up-to-date with minimal effort, ensuring CRM hygiene.

WINN.AI aids in crafting customized follow-up emails, streamlining the process with a single click. WINN.AI also provides real-time sales insights, detecting and interpreting your prospects' questions, and discreetly feeding you the information you need to keep the conversation flowing smoothly!

WINN.AI's AI Sales Assistant simplifies your sales process, boosts your efficiency, and provides you with valuable insights to help you close more deals successfully. With WINN.AI by your side, you can enhance your sales interactions and achieve greater success in your sales endeavors.

Pricing: WINN.AI offers a free trial and premium plans start at $59/mo


In conclusion, the emergence of AI Sales Assistant software, showcased by platforms like, Saile, Veloxy, Pod, Attention, Humanlinker, and Clay, has revolutionized the way businesses approach sales and marketing. These AI-powered assistants have become indispensable tools for sales professionals, helping streamline workflows, gain valuable data insights, and deliver personalized and efficient interactions with prospects and customers.

As technology continues to evolve, AI Sales Assistants are poised to play an even more significant role in the sales landscape, driving revenue growth, and empowering businesses to achieve sales success. Their ability to provide data-driven insights, automate repetitive tasks, and enable personalized interactions ensures that AI Sales Assistants will continue to shape the future of sales and marketing, allowing your sales teams to work smarter and achieve unparalleled levels of productivity and success!

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