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Hippo Video: One Video, Multiple Versions, Unique for Every Recipient

Video prospecting is a powerful tool for grabbing the attention of busy decision-makers. Personalized videos are particularly effective in communicating value and differentiating your offering. That's where Hippo Video comes in. It offers a comprehensive solution that enables you to connect with your prospects in a personalized and impactful way.

Hippo Video: One Video, Multiple Versions, Unique for Every Recipient

Video prospecting is a powerful tool for grabbing the attention of busy decision-makers. Personalized videos are particularly effective in communicating value and differentiating your offering. That's where Hippo Video comes in. It offers a comprehensive solution that enables you to connect with your prospects in a personalized and impactful way.


Hippo Video is an innovative platform that revolutionizes the way businesses create, host, share, and track videos. Hippo Video offers a seamless and interactive video customer experience, enabling you to effortlessly produce professional videos and engage your prospects effectively. 

With features like a scrolling teleprompter, customizable video backgrounds, and the ability to stitch imported videos with personalized intros, Hippo Video makes video creation a breeze. You can now maintain messaging consistency using pre-designed video templates and delight your prospects with completely customized sales pages! 

By adding interactive elements like Call-to-Actions, forms, polls, surveys, and branching inputs, Hippo Video keeps the communication two-way and engaging. Detailed video reports and analytics helps you understand viewer intent and plan your next steps accordingly. To send contextual and hyper-personalized videos at scale across the customer journey, Hippo Video is your go-to solution.

With Hippo Video, you can:

  • Leverage a library of pre-built templates for quick and easy video creation.
  • Build custom video flows to personalize the viewer's experience.
  • Combine personalized intros with pre-recorded videos for a tailored output.
  • Enable active viewer engagement with interactive elements.
  • Contextually personalize videos for a relevant and impactful message.
  • Repurpose and iterate on video content for different formats and contexts.
  • Send and track videos for various purposes, such as reachouts, demos, proposals, follow-ups, and more.
  • Utilize templatized video creation flows for quick video email creation.
  • Choose from 20+ templates, including options for engaging churned customers.

So what makes Hippo Video so special?

Hippo Video stands out among other video prospecting tools due to its unique features and capabilities. It offers sales video flows that cater to various stages of your sales process, allowing you to create personalized and engaging videos. The AI editor simplifies video editing with automated functions and quick snippet extraction. Hippo Video's ability to humanize AI enables you to generate personalized videos at scale, fostering stronger connections with your prospects. 

Hippo Video also provides customizable sales pages, integrating additional assets for a comprehensive sales experience. With its video personalization platform, you can send hyper-personalized video emails and track engagement metrics. 

Hippo Video offers easy-to-use recording tools, including a teleprompter and mark-up tools, ensuring seamless video creation. Overall, Hippo Video offers a range of features that enhance video prospecting, making it a standout choice in the market.



Hippo Video provides pricing options designed to meet various business requirements. TheFree Plan offers basic features such as Video Flows, Closed Captions, and limited video usage. The Pro Plan, priced at $20 per user per month (billed annually) or $30 per user per month (billed monthly), includes advanced features like unlimited Full HD recordings, virtual backgrounds, interactive CTAs, and custom branding. 

For teams looking to drive more leads, the Teams Plan is available at $60 per user per month (billed annually) or $75 per user per month (billed monthly), offering additional benefits such as integrations with sales platforms, advanced sales pages, personalized videos, and team reports. The Enterprise Plan, which provides generative AI capabilities, advanced roles, enhanced security, and dedicated support, starts at $80 per user per month (billed annually) with a minimum of 10 seats. For more details and custom pricing options, you may get in touch with Hippo Video.


The main features of HippoVideo include:

  • Sales Video Flows: Discover a variety of premium video flows designed to enhance your sales efforts. These flows cover prospecting, introductions, sales demos, follow-ups, and more, allowing you to engage prospects effectively right from the start. For example, you can replace lengthy cold text emails with lively talking head videos to capture your prospects' attention.
  • AI-Powered Video Editor: Say goodbye to complicated video editing tools. With the AI video editor, you can easily create professional-looking sales videos in just a few clicks. It automates tasks like removing filler words and offers quick video snippet extraction, helping you streamline your video creation process.
  • Humanize AI: Create personalized versions of your videos effortlessly. By recording one video, you can generate multiple versions tailored to each recipient at scale. This humanizes the video experience, enabling you to address prospects by their names and establish a genuine connection.
  • Personalized Sales Pages: Take your sales outreach to the next level with fully customizable Sales Pages. Craft sales experiences that align perfectly with your brand and conversion goals. Customize every aspect, from logos and background colors to CTAs and contact details. Make your outreach more engaging by including additional assets like video testimonials and product demos on the same page.
  • Video Personalization Platform: Send hyper-personalized video emails at scale using the feature. Automate and personalize your ABM campaigns, cadences, and demos. Conduct mass personalized video email campaigns and incorporate videos into your communication effortlessly.
  • Video Emails: Record and send video emails directly from your preferred email client, such as Gmail or Outlook. Track vital metrics like video views and watch percentages to optimize your follow-ups and lead qualification. Embed video content within your emails to provide a more engaging experience for your recipients.
  • Video and Screen Recording: Record videos effortlessly using the web, desktop, or mobile app. Capture your on-screen activities with the screen recording feature, allowing you to share ideas, tutorials, or demos. Choose between screen-only or webcam+screen modes to suit your needs.
  • Teleprompter: Deliver polished video pitches without the need to memorize scripts. Utilize the scrolling teleprompter feature to read your script seamlessly. Adjust the font size and scrolling speed according to your preference for a smooth presentation.
  • Mark-up Tools: Grab viewers' attention by highlighting, annotating, or emphasizing important information using the mark-up tools. These tools enable you to draw focus to specific details on the screen, enhancing the impact of your videos.


G2: 4.5/5 (643 reviews)

Capterra: 4.5/5 (‎77 reviews)



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Standing out from the competition and capturing the attention of potential customers is more challenging than ever. With Hippo Video's innovative features and intuitive platform, you can effortlessly create and send personalized video messages, tailor-made for each prospect. 

Embrace the power of video prospecting with Hippo Video and unlock a new dimension of sales success. Connect with prospects on a deeper level, leave a lasting impact, and watch your sales soar to new heights!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if you want to get a discount on the software.

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