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Email Finding

Find your prospects' contact information with Snov

Using your prospect's first name, last name and company name you can retrieve their contact information. You can also retrieve their information using a domain name only, by specifying the position you are looking for.


Snov is a tool that allows you to retrieve the personal email addresses of professionals. All you need is a file containing their first and last names and the domain name of the company they work for. If you do not have such a file, you can also retrieve the contact information of your prospects using the domain name and the position they hold in the company.


If you don't have a file at hand and/or don't know how to generate a targeted file of prospects, you can check out our article that explains how to create a contact list using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Such a contact list includes the first name, last name and company name of your prospects.


You can also build a contact list with BuiltWith, which allows you further filtering options. In this case, you will be in possession of a list of domains.

In both cases, the tool will allow you to identify the email addresses of your prospects. Snov allows you to search 50 email addresses per month for free. This lets you experiment with the features before having to pay.

I will spare you the steps involved in creating an account. Once logged in, go to the "Find Emails" tab. To find a large number of email addresses using "Last Name + First Name + Domain Name", click on "Bulk Email Search. If you have a list of domain names, click on "Bulk Domain Search".

Name + First Name + Domain

When you click on "Bulk Email Search", you'll land on the following page:

You can directly upload your contact file in CSV format. Snov will tell you how many credits you'll get charged.

Want to generate leads for your business? Reach out.

Domain + Title

When you click on "Bulk Domain Search", you'll land on the following page:

If you have a domain list file, you can click on "Upload from file" and upload it directly. Note that you can choose between uploading a list of domains and a list of company names. In the second case, you'll find a smaller number of e-mail addresses.

You will then be asked to indicate the column containing the domain names and to select from the search options:

You can indicate the job position(s) you are looking for, the country of your prospects, the number of emails you want to find per domain... Finally, click on "Start search" to start processing your file.

The results of the search will appear in a list that you will find in the "Prospects" tab

Note that Snov incorporates a mail verification solution.. Addresses marked with a green dot are verified addresses. To be sure that your emails deliver, you can also import them into EmailListVerify.

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