Email Finding

Find decision makers' contact information using Anymail

Using your prospect's first and last name and company name, you can retrieve their contact information. Better yet, you can use the domain name and associate the title of the person you are looking for to find their email address.

Find the personal email addresses of your prospects

Anymail allows you to retrieve personal email addresses of professionals. All you need is their first and last name as well as the name of the company they work for. The software also allows you to find the email address of professionals by specifying the name of the domain and their role in the company.

If you have a list of websites in a target sector, you only have to indicate the role or title of the people you are trying to contact and you will be able to find their contact information.

Let's say you have previously generated a list of prospects. If you don't have a list at hand and/or don't know how to generate one, click here to see how to create one using BuiltWith.

You should have a file that looks like this:

To indicate the role(s) you are looking for, simply enter them in the next column like below. You can enter a maximum of 6 roles per search.

Once the file is created, import it into Anymail. The software will ask you to map the criterias with the corresponding columns. Click on "Proceed" and Anymail will start processing the file.

Once the emails are identified, you can simply download the file. Anymail only charges you for verified emails, so you don't lose any credit when the software is not sure of emails' deliverability.

Despite the fact that Anymail integrates an email verification solution within its "email finder", it is worthwhile to verify the email addresses using a separate email verification software. It is essential to send your prospecting emails to addresses that do not bounce, to keep your domain's reputation intact.

You can do that using EmailListVerify, we show you how here.

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