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How to extract people participating in a LinkedIn event (with Phantombuster)

Events are often put together by field experts whose goal is to spread the word about their solutions. By attending a LinkedIn event, someone typically shows that they're interested in learning more on the subject.


Keeping an eye out for buying signals and sales triggers on LinkedIn can help you build a list of potential customers eager to purchase. While there's no surefire way to tell if someone is interested in your solution, some signs suggest they might be.

One exciting signal to look out for is when people attend LinkedIn events. These events are often put together by experts in a specific field whose goal is to spread the word about their solution. By attending a LinkedIn event, someone typically shows that they're interested in learning more or sharing their knowledge on the subject.

Our aim is to spot individuals who are joining events related to our solution, handpick the ones who fit our Ideal Customer Profile, and reach out to them to see if we can be of help.


You only need two things:

  1. An active LinkedIn account
  2. Register to Phantombuster (they have a 14-DAY Free Trial).

STEP 1 - Find the event you’ll extract data from

Simply type keywords related to your solution in the search bar of LinkedIn. As you’ve seen in the screenshot above, I typed “AI Content Marketing”. Once you’ve found an event with a decent number of people (100+), you can click to attend.

Note that you will need to join the event to extract data. LinkedIn only displays members of an event to people who joined to participate. Phantombuster uses cookies from your account to extract the required info. Hence, you need to “attend” the event (no need to actually attend, just make LinkedIn think you will). You can’t skip this step.

STEP 2 - Register to Phantombuster and search for the “LinkedIn Group Events Export”

Click on “Use this Phantom”, and then you’ll have to install the Phantombuster extension that will allow you to Connect your cookie to LinkedIn.

1. Connect to LinkedIn

2. Copy/Paste the URL of the Event

3. Leave the “Behaviour” and “Settings” page as they are

4. Launch the Phantombuster automation (this should finish quickly)

5. Download the Results once the extraction is done

6. You now have a Google Sheet that includes the First Name, Last Name and LinkedIn Profile URL of all the people who are attending the event.

STEP 3 - Reach out on LinkedIn or Enrich the Information

You’re now done compiling your list of potential prospects! Time to reach out to them and explore new business opportunities. Since you're already on LinkedIn, you can use Sales Automation tools like Expandi or LaGrowthMachine to automate your outreach.

If you wish to reach out via email, you can use enrichment tools like Apollo to find your prospects' email addresses. Once you have these, tools like Smartlead or Instantly will allow you to automate your email outreach.


In summary, make the most of LinkedIn by using buying triggers to create a list of potential customers. Look for active individuals who have shown interest in similar products or services by attending LinkedIn events. This way, you can focus your outreach on those more likely to be interested in what you offer, boosting your chances of making a sale.

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